11 BTS songs that will make you feel loved!

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BTS, a seven member group, as they are fondly known as are the biggest music act in the world right now with a huge fan base known as ‘ARMY.’ BTS debuted in 2013 and has been growing ever since. BTS has always been making meaningful songs about important issues along with lovely lyrics mostly written by the group members themselves. With millions of achievements in their bag, BTS never forgets to include ARMYs in everything they do and are also known as being very ‘lovey-dovey’ with their fan base.

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Regardless of that sometimes all of us feel a little down or maybe tired; we feel nobody loves us or cares about us. At times we might just need a little bit of reassurance and lots of love. A time like this for me always calls for music that comforts me and gives me the feeling that I am loved. So here I am with a list of 11 beautiful songs by our very own BTS that works like a MAGIC every time!

11. A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone’ is the final track on BTS’ ‘Wings’ Repackage album You Never Walk Alone released in 2017 and highlights the struggles of the seven members. This song never fails to make me smile no matter what mood I am in. Just by the title it makes me feel special for some reason! If we take a look at the lyrics we find some loving lyrics like “That’s okay; I am by your side; If you and I are together; We can smile” and “I want to fly though I have no wings; But your hands become my wings; I want to forget the dark and lonely things; Together with you.”

Even though this is a sad song and they are asking us to hold onto them forever; it makes me feel like I am wanted and loved not only by one person but by seven people.

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10. Love Maze

“Love Maze” is a track on BTS’ album “Love Yourself: Tear” and most of the lyrics are written by one of our lyrical geniuses: RM. This song has a groovier beat slightly leaning towards deep lyrics. It can also be seen as a love song that is kind of boasting that no matter how dark it is or how lost we are in this chaos; we will always have each other to lean on if only we always believe. This song comforts me a lot with its lyrics because it feels like they are singing it to me directly every time I hear it.

Besides what can top this “Love is a maze damn; But you is amaze” and “In the darkness, just the two of us is enough; In all these lies; If we’re together, even an endless maze is paradise”?!?

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9. Miss Right

“Miss Right” was released in 2014 and appears in the repackage of their album “Skool Luv Affair Special Edition.” Yes I know most of the female population reading this might already be blushing (if you remember the lyrics) and this is why this song is on the list! I cannot say anything other than that this song is just full of compliments from the top to bottom so if you are feeling insecure about anything then do give “Miss Right” a chance. The reason I am not going to mention any lyric from this song is because all of it is very adorable and my favorite. The song never disappoints.

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8. Winter Bear

“Winter Bear” is a slow and lullaby style song by V. This song never ever fails to amaze me and every time I hear it; it makes me feel like V is right beside me and is singing to me (“Imagine your face say hello to me; Then all the bad days, they’re nothing to me” does something to me). I cannot count how many times I have played “Winter Bear” on repeat throughout the night and even in pain this song has always helped me calm down. I know it may not exactly make us feel loved by the lyrics but it does make you feel peaceful and happy and that for me is bliss (also *cough* his deep voice *cough*). It will always remain special in my heart.

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7. Telepathy

“Telepathy” is a cheerful song and is part of their ‘lockdown’ album “BE” released in 2020 which is dedicated to us so we can cheer up in this dreadful time of the COVID-19. It contains some wonderful lyrics about how we the ARMYs are very special to BTS themselves and that we are always connected by telepathy even if we cannot see each other. Lyrics like “I feel happiest when I meet you” and “We may be far apart now but our hearts are still the same” make me feel extremely important!

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6. Serendipity

The original edition of this song is included in “Love Yourself ‘Her’” and is Jimin’s solo song. The full edition of this song was released in “Love Yourself ‘Answer’.” I will not be saying anything except “Because our happiness has been planned; Cuz you love me, and I love you” and “You’re my penicillin; Saving me; My angel, my world; I’m your Calico cat.” Jimin is an angel and I know everyone agrees.

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5. Magic Shop

This is a song entirely dedicated to fans and written mostly by Jungkook to provide comfort and consolation to the fans. It was released in the album “Love Yourself ‘Tear’.” This song is just comfort. Whenever I feel sad I always tune into this song. Listening to the song and looking at them always makes me happy. If I start quoting lyrics from this song that is special to me then I will end up writing the whole song!

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4. Moon

“Moon” is a solo song in the album “Map of the Soul: 7” sung by Jin. The song is full of compliments for ARMYs and has very beautiful lyrics. If you ever feel alone then do listen to this song and look up the sky to see the Moon (representing Jin) and find comfort in the fact that Jin himself considers us to be his Earth while he is our Moon always revolving around us, showering us with love. Nothing can even come close to how fabulous this song is.

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3. Still With You

This song is a gift from Jungkook to ARMYs released last year as a result of missing concerts and meeting us; needless to say that this song is a masterpiece of its own. With the rainy beats and heartwarming lyrics; I know everyone will be swooning in happiness by the end of it. This has been my go-to song since the time it has released and always will be. I cannot write enough about it. It’s a chef’s kiss and one of the ARMY’s most treasured songs!

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2. 21st Century Girls

This one is more for the women reading this and is part of the “Wings” album. The dance beats and pretty lyrics which will definitely make everyone blush (We are J-Hope’s girl haha). This song has always been on top of my dance party playlist or when I just want to cheer up after a tiring day. Again this song is perfect if you are feeling insecure about anything because this is filled with compliments personally from our boys! I mean who ever has heard of such a beautiful song dedicated to women from men?!

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1. Mikrokosmos

Off course this song is on top of my list! The song was released in 2019 in their album “Map of the Soul: Persona” and has been essential to every ARMYs lives ever since! Something about “You got me; I got you” hits right into the heart of every person listening to it. Just the reassurance that we have someone that keeps us as priority, understands us and stands up for us makes it even more amazing! This song is a culmination of how much we love each other.

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Honorable Mentions

We know, it’ll never be enough when it comes to choosing favourites from THE BTS’ discography. So here we go, with some of the honorable mentions without which this list just won’t be complete! Enjoy!

1. 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)

2. People (By Agust D also known as Suga)

3. Moonchild (By RM)

4. Bicycle (By RM)

5. Ego (By J-Hope)

6. Stay (“I know you always stay”!)

7. 2! 3!

8. Wishing On A Star

9. Just One Day

10. Butter (“Got ARMY right behind us”)

11. Dimple

12. Idol

13. Lights

What is your favorite comfort song? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Neha Tarekar says:

    This article just brought back my sweet and sour memories, because ofcourse, most of us army’s found them when we were lost and drowning in sadness, and they just saved us from misery and depression.
    Song suggestions are on point too! This was good read☺️

  2. Hema Srinivasan says:

    Literally, all of the songs mentioned are masterpieces and are ofcourse my favourite ones…☺️

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    they’re actually my go-to songs! 😭😭💜

  4. BTS has always been my comfort place their songs are always comforting and i hear them everyday the songs mentioned in the article are in my playlists thanks for the this boraful article 💜💜

  5. DJ says:

    Thankyou for this article 💜💜💜

  6. Love all the songs but as an old army, 2!3! is my forever favorite and my army anthem💜

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    Asma pandey – all songs are masterpiece 💜

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    All of my fav songs 💜

  9. Anonymous says:

    All of their songs are my favorite. And i proudly as a bts army say this that their discography has never ever disappointed me

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    I am BTS army and they are my idols….this songs are my favourite 💜

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