K-Drama Review: Start-up

Madhulika Pathak, Kolkata, West Bengal

Start-up, just like the title, is about a fresh beginning, a new chapter of a passionate, dauntless, and promising youthful life. The main leads of this drama are, Seo Dal-mi (played by Bae Suzy), Nam Do-san (played by Nam Joo-hyuk), and Han Ji-pyeong (played by Kim Seon-ho) and Seo In-jae/Won In-jae (played by Kang Han-na).

Seo Dal-mi is a ravishing woman with excellent potential and certainly likes challenges. She has a lot of part-time jobs and because of that, she has gained a lot of experience working. She can handle situations and people in a very persuasive manner. She never regrets her decision regardless of any factor and her true dream is to become a CEO.

Nam Do-san is a handsome nerd, who also happens to be a maths genius. He is a developer at Samsan Tech. He is a simple-minded person who is a great invigorating supporter of the company, good at coding and ambitious. He is also Dal-mi’s first love and someone who influences her life a lot in many aspects.

Han Ji-pyeong (or our very own ‘fact bomber’) is loving, pure, innocent and a perfect definition of ‘quintessential.’ He is a genius in investing and is also the team leader of SH Venture Capital. He is a straightforward person when it comes to business and is an eloquent speaker who also helps and leads others.

Seo In-jae/Won In-jae is the elder sister of Seo Dal-mi. She is bright, full of skills and super cool. She doesn’t get swayed easily, is determined and walks firmly on her path. She has everything society cares to look at; a strong educational background, beautiful appearance, and money which defines her as a ‘lady born with a silver spoon in her mouth.’ She knew that she was going to end up taking her step-father’s company which she didn’t want and therefore, does everything she can, to be a success on her own and be acknowledged for her skills. After all her struggles, she thrives to become the CEO of Nature Morning.

Some of the important and unmissable supporting characters:

Seo Dal-mi & Won In-jae’s Family

Kim Hae-sook played the role of Choi Won-deok. She is the mother of Seo Chung-myung and is Seo Dal-mi and Won In-jae’s grandmother.

Song Seon-mi played the role of Cha Ah-hyun, Seo Dal-mi and Won In-jae’s mother.

Kim Joo-hun played the role of Seo Chung-myung as Seo Dal-mi’s and Won In-jae’s father.

Eom Hyo-seop played the role of Won Doo-jung as Won In-jae’s stepfather.

Samsan Tech Family:

Yoo Su-bin played the role of Lee Chul-san

Kim Do-wan played the role of Kim Yong-san

Stephanie Lee played the role of Jeong Sa-ha

Nam Do-san’s Family:

Kim Hee-jung played the role of Park Geum-jung as Do-san’s mother.

Kim Won-hae played the role of Nam Sung-hwan as Nam Do-san’s father.

Jang Se-hyun played the role of Nam Chun-ho as Nam Do-san’s cousin.


The drama revolves around the four main characters. Seo Dal-mi is the spotlight of the drama as it mainly portrays her point of view. Seo Dal-mi is a bright and ambitious young woman who dreams of becoming Korea’s ‘Steve Jobs’. Dal-mi doesn’t have a fancy background like her elder sister but she’s passionate about her work. She never gives up hope until and unless she tries her best and some of the people in her life inspired her character strongly and impressively. To know what happened in her life that made her so idealistic and so loved you need to watch this drama now!

Why You Should Watch?

I loved this K-Drama! This is my second most recommended K-Drama to anyone. I would like to give a special shout-out to the writer Park Hye-ryun and director Oh Choong-hwan (My all-time favourite Writer and Director respectively) who made me watch the drama. I couldn’t stop myself from watching this K-Drama and as expected it was just as I was expecting it to be (code word: amazing). It also taught me to never judge a book by its cover! This drama is very unpredictable which also makes the drama so interesting to watch. If we can predict every single action of each character and every plotline then how can we ever feel the excitement? I would give this drama 5 out of 5!

Video Credits: The Swoon

Do you like this drama just as much as I do? What is your favourite part of the drama? Who is your favourite character? Make sure to tell us all about it in our comment section below!

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  1. Start-Up is a well-thought and a very heartwarming show! Cinematography is stunning! Its OSTs are all great! It is a well-written and well-directed show. It’s lessons on life, love, family, business, & friendship are clear and impactful. I love everything about the show. Even the minor characters got full story arcs. It has a well-balanced cast in a well-balanced story.

  2. The second lead syndrome from this drama was so real😭 Loved watching the drama❤️

  3. anishanath says:

    This drama is perfect motivational drama. I was really inspired and impressed by the storyline of this drama. As a film student the cinematography was really amazing and impressive. Thank you for writing a review for this drama.

  4. Jubby Kumar says:

    After reading this article, I am excited to watch this K-drama.

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    I had watched this drama ❤️❤️and it’s one of my favourite k-dramas ❤️ i would definitely like to recommend this. Thankyou for such amazing article 💜💜

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    I just love this drama… After watching hometown cha cha cha I found thz drama nd when I saw thz drama I feel in love with thz drama…. I really love 2nd leads… I highly recommend thz drama…

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    Thank you for recommending 🤩🤩

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    The plot seems interesting and the review is written in an engaging way.

  10. Woah! This review gives justice to the drama! Well written! Hope this surely help those who want to watch this kdrama

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