K-Song Review: Jannabi’s For Lovers Who Hesitate

Shweta, New Delhi

For Lovers Who Hesitate is one of the 12 songs from the album LEGEND by K-Indie rock band Jannabi. Jannabi is one of the rising bands of the time. Their songs remind their listeners of 60s-80s retro pop. Even to people who won’t understand it at first, the song is like a warm hug that makes one want to talk all their emotions out. Jannabi is one of the underrated bands, which has started gaining prominence in the last couple of years. For Lovers Who Hesitate’ can be said to be the song that brought the most attention to the band. The song is Jannabi’s first song to top Melon’s Daily Singles Chart. ‘For Lovers Who Hesitate’ got as high as the number 2 spot on multiple weekly charts around the time it was released and even got their old songs into the spotlight.

Jannabi was formed in 2012 with a trio of friends (who has not dreamt of forming a band with their friends? The only difference is that Jannabi actually formed it and is quite successful in what they do!). Jannabi is named “jannabi” because all the members are born in the year 1992, which is the year of the monkey, and “jannabi” is a Korean slang meaning monkey. They debuted as a trio, with Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Do-hyung, and Yoo Young-hyun (ex-member), in 2014, and later two members, Jang Kyung-joon and Yoon Kyul were added in 2015. The band is known for their unique music. Despite changing trends in the Korean music industry, Jannabi’s music highlights the magic and beauty of old vintage pop and retro vibes which hits home and makes them stand out in the Korean music industry.

LEGEND was released in March 2019 andFor Lovers Who Hesitate’ was the title track. The song is written by none other than band frontman and vocalist Choi Jung-hoon and is composed and arranged by all the remaining members; Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Do-hyung and Yoo Young-hyun. If one hears this song, it would be like escaping the world and getting transported into a dreamy world, with a nostalgic soundscape. The music at the beginning makes one want to just sit and relax or just sway slowly to the music or sway with their eyes closed. The song brings unimaginable comfort and peace to the mind with its soft and slow music and poetic lyrics. Even if one doesn’t understand Korean, one can feel that this song talks about love. A love which sounds sad but warm, incomplete but happy.

When we dig deep into the lyrics we see a love story which doesn’t have a forever after. Mostly in fiction, we see people ending up with their first love which mostly is not the case in real life. What about all the times you fell in love and for some reason fell out of it? If the love ended on the bad terms, does it make you scared to fall in love again? Even if it does, will it stop you from falling in love with someone to who you are deeply attracted at the moment? Jung-hoon, the lead vocalist and face of the group portray through this song that we all take relationships as if it’s forever, even when we know that they may end. He is encouraging people to come over their anxieties and enjoy the moment even when it hurts later because it’s better to remember the pain of missing someone rather than never act on their feelings.

Fortunately ‘For Lovers Who Hesitate’ has a music video. The video is one of the cutest and most relatable romantic music videos. The MV for this song is just so innocent that it can warm anybody’s heart and makes one wonder where to find such love. ‘For Lovers Who Hesitate’ is a song that talks about the complicated feeling that love is and gives strength and encouragement to fall in love and enjoy the journey of love for however long it is and not hesitate in love. Anyone struggling with love, longing for someone or just wanting warmth, this song is for you. If you are a fan of 80s music and loved to hear songs from your parent’s time and miss the drives where your parents played songs from their time then Jannabi is the band and ‘For Lovers Who Hesitate’ is the song for you!

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