Why Blood Groups are Important in Korean Culture?

Krupal Mehta, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Has someone ever asked you what is your blood group other than for formal purposes? I guess not, but Koreans can ask you just to start a conversation or to learn about you. Yes, Koreans tend to predict the personality type from blood groups and vice versa. Koreans do believe that certain personality type comes under one’s particular blood group. Let’s learn about each blood group along with its personalities.

Blood Group A:

According to the Korean Blood Group Personality Chart, people with Blood Group A are sensitive and conservative; hence they are also called introverts. They are uncomfortable in crowded places, and they tend to get hurt easily thus they have difficulty opening their heart or expressing emotions. They may appear cold-hearted, but if you are patient and ready to respect their boundaries; they can be very affable and trustworthy. They are creative, prone to be a perfectionist and inevitably punctual.

K-pop artists with Blood Group A: Park Chae-rin, Kim Min-jun, Jeon Jung-kook

Compatible blood groups for group A: O and A

Worst compatibility: B

Blood Group B:

These people are likely to be independent, optimistic, and outgoing as compared to Group A. They are not afraid of speaking their mind or confronting their opinions loud; hence they can also be called self-centred by some. They are passionate beings and live their life to the fullest. However, sometimes they can be indolent and slothful around the things they are not passionate about. They are carefree and outspoken most of the time. Hence, they can be professed as social butterflies.

K-pop artists with Blood Group B: Lee Chae-ryeong, Lee Dong-wook, Ta-Ki

Compatible blood groups for group B: AB and O

Worst compatibility: A

Blood Group O:

They are intuitive leaders because of their energetic and amiable nature. They speak their mind but in a constructive way. They always understand others’ emotions therefore they are often considered sensible and reliable. They are outgoing, expressive, confident, and passionate about the things they do. They are sticklers for perfection and can often be observed as arrogant and over-competitive at times.

K-pop artists with Blood Group O: Byun Baek-hyun, Chae Hyung-won, Won-bin

Compatible blood groups for group O: A and B

Worst compatibility: AB

Blood Group AB:

They are eminently intelligent, rational thinkers and unpredictable persons. As a combination of A and B, they can sometimes have a hard time interacting with people; hence they can sometimes appear aloof or critical. They act in rough patches while making decisions and often jump from one thing to other. Their mood can change according to the situation they are in.

K-pop artists with Blood Group AB: Kim Tae-hyungKim Jun-myeon, Lee Sun-mi

Compatible blood groups for group AB: AB and B

Worst compatibility: O

In conclusion, here are quick words to remember about Blood groups:

Blood Group A – Sensitive, Creative, Introvert, Punctual

Blood Group B – Independent, Outgoing, Social butterfly, Outspoken

Blood Group O – Stable-minded, Leader, Friendly, Competitive

Blood Group AB – Rational thinkers, Unpredictable, Critical, Indecisive

Although it may take time to provide scientific evidence behind this theory, it would still be a fun way to start a conversation with anyone by asking them about their blood type in Korea. So, does your personality relate to your blood type? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Jubby Kumar says:

    My blood type is +AB!
    And yes, I am rational thinker, my mood is unpredictable, a tiny bit critical and Indecisive too!

  2. I really really liked the article. It’s something new I have never heard about. Korean culture is so interesting even they predict the personality type from blood groups. I guess some of the personality traits with my blood group was quite similar.

  3. Cafy says:

    I think for the past two years or so, the MBTI type is getting much more popular than the blood type.

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    Very informative♥️

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  6. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Wow interesting …I could relate to it..My blood group is A and I am introvert , sensitive, creative and punctual.

  7. Thanks for this article and clearing our doubts! 🙌♥️ My blood type is B but i don’t think i match with this description 😅

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    In a lot of videos I have watched people talking about Koreans asking them blood group but I didn’t know the reason but thanks to this article I know now and everything about my blood group as Koreans think are so my character. This article was really informative, interesting and insightful.

  14. This is such an informative yet unique article! Now I got to know why koreans ask about blood groups. Wow

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