K-Drama Review: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Saumya Jain, New Delhi

This drama is one of the earliest Korean dramas I have watched. I fell in love with this drama so much that I ended up watching it three times! Crazy, right? I know, but every time I watched it, it gave me that same level of fun and entertainment. This drama is a perfect blend of romance and comedy. There are endless fun, emotional, romantic elements during the entire drama. It is quite interesting and will keep you engaged at all times.

This K-drama is based on the novel titled ‘Why Secretary Kim’ by Jung Kyung-yoon which was published on 2013 and later, its drama aired on tvN in 2018. This South Korean TV series starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young has been a big hit. It has a total of 16 episodes with almost 1 hour of running time per episode.


The plot revolves around Park Seo-joon as Lee Young-joon who is the Vice President of Yumyung group, and Park Min-young as Kim Mi-so who is Young-joon’s secretary, and how their relationship at work and their relationship outside work changes. What different connections the two had just while working together for so many years but even before that i.e. during their childhood.

The story starts when secretary Kim and Young-joon attend a business party and while leaving together, secretary Kim mentions that she wants to quit her job, leaving Young-joon in shock as to why she wants to quit. Secretary Kim ends up by telling him that she is quitting her job because of some personal reasons, but Young-joon is not convinced and is not ready to accept her resignation. This whole scenario justifies the title ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’ meaning, what went wrong with secretary Kim that she wants to quit her job.

So, Young-joon by all possible means, tries to convince her to stay in the company by offering her huge perks and he was so desperate to have her by his side that he even offered her to marry him. But she has already decided to work for a few more days and quit. He again made an attempt to impress her by making her wishes come true, still she is not convinced. As time passes by Young-joon’s elder brother comes into the picture. He’s famous writer with a pen name, Morpheus, and coincidently secretary Kim is his big fan. They initially met by accident but later they started becoming friends.

Due to the increasing friendship between secretary Kim and the writer, misunderstanding starts to increase between Mi-so and Young-joon, although later, the misunderstandings clear up slowly as time passes. Secretary Kim has been traumatised because of an incident in her childhood and because of her faded memories, she mistook the writer to be a part of that incident and the writer too, portrayed himself like he was a part of that incident. So eventually, secretary Kim and the writer come closer.

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But during a book event which was a collaboration between Young-joon and his brother (the writer), secretary Kim realised that she loves Young-joon and not the writer. So she rushes to him to clear up the misunderstanding between them and confesses her feelings to him and Young-jin did the same. Finally, they get into relationship. Since they had strong work relationship as secretary and boss, they had some funny moments for the viewers to enjoy where they try to act like real couples and not just like employees. Although they managed to carry their relationship well with time, and so their cute, sweet romantic moments can be enjoyed by viewers.

Later, somehow Kim finds out and recalls who really was by her side during her childhood incident. And so the shock was so hard that she fainted during an event. Young-joon took her to the hospital and asked her to rest and not come to work for a while. Later, that she realised that it was time to quit her job now. But during all the things happening in her life those days, she finally made a decision whether she will continue with her job or not. Did she stay or leave? Well, I would leave it as a suspense. So, do watch this drama to know the answer.

Lastly, secretary Kim’s dad also demanded a marriage proposal for her. As Young-joon had already proposed to her in so many ways, it was hard for him to think but still he managed to propose again in the most beautiful way possible. Lucky her!

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Thank you for patiently reading this K-drama review. Hope you would be interested in watching this drama now. You can binge watch it on NETFLIX.

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  1. The best swoonworthy romantic K-drama ever!

  2. Mamoni says:

    One of my favorite rom-com dramas💗✨

  3. Sunanda ghosh says:

    My all time favorite kdrma… I just love thz drama… I don’t know how many times I have watched it nd still can’t get enough of it….

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    A must watch drama 😍♥️

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    Wonderful drama. Both the actors r great ❤️

  6. AYUSHI VERMA says:

    Amazing drama 💜☺️

  7. anishanath says:

    This drama is equally funny and romantic, the chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young is just wonderful and every other actor had done their part effortlessly. Thank you for writing this article.

    1. Jubby Kumar says:

      Swoon worthy K-drama 😍
      I like the characters!

  8. This was such an amazing watch!😍😍 Loved this drama🧡

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    Thankyou for such lovely review 💜🦋😊

  10. One of my fav drama starring Park Seojun and Park Minyoung! Park-Park Couple nailed it

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