Nation’s Little Sister: Lee Ji-eun/IU

Anuja Vijayan, Kolkata, West Bengal

“She doesn’t adapt to the energy in the room, she influences it.”

Or shall I say,

“She is just a queen building her empire.”

The daring and bright Lee Soon-shin [You are the best!], The quirky and playful Kim Bo-tong [Bel Ami], The diva-like singer Cindy [The Producer], The optimistic and justice-loving Hae Soo [Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo], The hard-working Lee Ji-an [My Mister], The powerful and furious moody owner Jang Man-wol [Hotel De Luna} and many more heartwarming characters. Yes! We are talking about South Korea’s beloved and Nation’s Little Sister: Lee Ji-eun aka IU!

Lee Ji- Eun popularly known by her Stage name IU which means “You and I become one through music”, was born on 16th May 1993 in Songjeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea and was interested in pursuing an entertainment career since her childhood. She signed under Kakao Entertainment earlier known as LEON entertainment. At the age of fifteen, she debuted as a singer with her mini-album Lost and Found.

Her skills, charms, flawless acting, and angelic voice have won many hearts. It wasn’t easy for her to lead to this success. But, her talent and efforts established her as the most successful solo artist in K-Pop history.

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This multi-talented person didn’t limit her talent to just being a singer and an actor. She has explored her talent in other fields and has added many more chapters to her successful career.

She began from a young age and has widened her horizon over the year. She worked not just for fulfilling her dreams but also contributed her share to the society. As an artist she has presented herself as: 


IU began her journey 13 years ago at a very young age. She got her first break through the song IU…IM, led by Marshmallow. With each passing year, her music started reaching numerous nominations and started listing in different record charts. She is a singer as well as a songwriter. She has written over fifty songs during her career.

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She has written for other performers and as well as for a few motion pictures too. She has also partnered with other artists and soundtracks for series and films. She has also made cover songs in English and acoustic covers of other K-Pop idols. Since her debut, she has won several nominations and has won over 90 awards for her music.


IU is one of the idols who have gained popularity as an eminent actress. She debuted as an actress in 2011 through the teen drama Dream High. She has shown her versatility through several Korean dramas like My Mister, and Hotel De Luna.

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She has acted in the film Broker, and has worked in the web series Persona. She has also been part of variety shows like Heroes, and Hyori’s Homestays (Season 1). In 2014 she earned the title of “Best New Actress”, and in 2019 she was awarded “Most Popular Actress.”

Voice actress

IU was cast with Lee Gi-Kwang to voice over the character in a 3D animated adventure film named – A Turtles’ Tale: Sammy’s Adventure 2.


She has hosted various shows since 2009. She first hosted a show named IU star Nutrition. She hosted a show named Inkigayo and later due to her MC skill she was selected to host the SBS Gayo Daejeon in 2012, 2015 & 2017. She also started her own show in 2020 named IU’s Palette.

Radio DJ and Video Jockey (VJ)

IU was seen as a DJ in Melon Radio Star DJ. She had over 1,85,000 listeners which were the highest for the show. She also served as VJ in MBC Games and as an announcer for the Global StarCraft II league in 2010.

Face for Global Brands 

IU became the face for various brands both domestically and globally. She began her endorsement with Crown Confectionery and Video Games. Some of the famous brands that she endorsed were Samsung, Gucci in Korea, Evezary, Wavve, etc.

Multi-talented IU has won heart not only by her artistic skills but also by her humble nature and through numerous help rendered towards the society. 

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She has been the youngest person who has been listed in the “Forbes Magazine’s 30 ‘Heroes of Philanthropy: Catalysts for Change’ in Asia”, 2018. She has generously donated to the Deaf Senior Citizens Support Center, Green Umbrella Children’s Fund. She also provides a scholarship for students who needed financial aids. Recently she donated emergency medical protective clothing, a cooling vest, and funds for nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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IU is a package of a lot of talent that has explored her gradual success and growth. She has paved her way with her talent and efforts and has touched millions of people through her music and acting skills. Now we know how IU got her picture perfectly engraved in our minds.

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