Webtoon Review: The Boxer

Sameen Murtaza, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

The Boxer is an intense sports webtoon by Jung Ji-hoon that started in 2020. Centered around the sport of competitive boxing, it is the kind of story that gives you a rush of adrenaline!

Much darker than usual light-hearted and serotonin-boosting sports comics, we follow the protagonist Yu, whose a frail teen with an expressionless face. Bags under his eyes and little to no communication with his peers, Yu’s appearance and behaviour is enough to creep one out.

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Initially, Yu is considered a pushover by all but that changes after a dramatic incident. Ryu Baeksan talented but cocky classmate of Yu who indulges in bullying. For the most part, Yu is unbothered. Till Injae a well-mannered but shy kid who was one of the few who talked to Yu becomes Ryu’s new target.

What is interesting to note is that Yu doesn’t instantly step up to help Injae when he was being beaten to a pulp. Nor did Injae ask for help, he probably didn’t think Yu was any better a fighter. The boy decided to take this challenge head-on.

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Instead of giving up, he started practicing self-defense. Strengthening himself by taking up boxing which he used to adore back when his father used to do it. Things don’t change overnight. Not even after months of effort he is ready to face off against Ryu but that doesn’t stop him at all.

Ryu on the other hand is hysteric. Laughing and pitying Injae for trying so hard because he’s worthless. Against him, Ryu is the prodigy. Born with such impeccable skills and having defeated many, he is arrogant and overconfident. To him, everyone is just below him.

Then how dare this weakling stand up to him? He decides to teach him a lesson by almost bludgeoning him. Though the tables turn when Yu decides to show his true colours and shut Ryu and his gang for good. Meanwhile, Yu observes and acknowledges the effort and courage shown by Injae.

Yu is also naturally gifted as he sees things in a different time scale than others. With his talent, he’s easily able to show Ryu his place which is beside the dustbin.

He belittles him for hurting the weak and looking down at others. He also gives Ryu a reality check by stating Injae is stronger because he has courage. While Ryu is actually a coward and feeble-minded person because his sense of superiority comes from hurting those who he believes can’t fight back.

A truly strong person is one who fights others on equal grounds i.e people who are as strong as them. Not against the weak. As luck would have it an elite boxing coach from Ryu’s boxing studio had his eyes on Yu.

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And on finding his true potential is ready to make him the next biggest boxer out there. Yu, had no goals before this was thrust upon him so he decides to take this opportunity to see where it leads him. Will fame change him? Will he be able to feel emotions and be more human? Wishing to find answers to these questions he embarks on this new journey.

What makes this Webtoon special!?

The Boxer promises to be a thrilling showdown between the merciful and merciless. It teaches the importance and effects of having emotions or not having them. To live one needs to feel.

Emotions make us human. But for Yu, who is hinted to have had a traumatic past, emotions mean nothing. Therefore, he feels empty. And turns into the ferocious beast his coach expects him to be in the ring. Ruthlessly ending every opponent he faces.

The crowds love him, cheer for him because he provides the thrill, bloody battles everything they want to see! But nothing changes inside Yu, he still feels the same. While Ryu seethes when he sees Yu being showered with praises on T.V.  Injae on the other hand, is overjoyed!

He looks up to Yu and decides to pick up boxing, his childhood passion properly. He diligently practised with the ultimate goal of fighting against Yu one day. It’s obvious that the three boys will meet each other once again but who will face off against whom after the drastic changes they have all gone through.

No matter what the outcome will be, it will be heartwarming for sure after all the violent clashes throughout. Readers would enjoy seeing Yu and Injae rekindle their relationship and Ryu move on to become a decent man.

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If this seems like your cup of tea then do go ahead and support the author by reading this fantastic webtoon on Webtoon for free here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/sports/the-boxer/list?title_no=2027

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