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TXT or TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a five-members boyband that debuted on 4th March 2019 under BigHit Music, which is now under the company HYBE Labels. The members, SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN and HUENINGKAI released Minisode 1: Blue Hour on October 26, 2020, right after their Dream Chapter series, which consist of five tracks in total. After gaining success in their previous three albums, this album has also stolen millions of hearts of MOAs, the fandom name of TXT. Even though the songs in the album are catchy and chill, the entire album is based on how one is afraid of loneliness or being lonely throughout their life and longing to be with someone.


‘Ghosting’ is the first track of the album. This song is a blend of rock and electro-pop depicting how one is left behind by someone, without even telling, who is close to them. This also shows that the person feels empty and anxious after being left by someone abruptly and wanders around in disbelief in an empty room like a ghost. The song starts with a blend of slow drum beats, rock guitar sounds and the echo–like voices of SOOBIN and HUENINGKAI, singing the main line of the song twice, which means that you disappeared from my life like a ghost.

 사라진 너, 사-사라진
희미한 유령처럼 사-사라진


Blue Hour

‘Blue Hour’ also known as ‘5 시 53 분의 하늘 에서 발견한 너와 나which means ‘You and I found in the sky at 5:53’ is the second track of the album. This song is a mixture of two genres – retro-styled and old school disco themed which shows a person wanting to be back with the one with whom they have made unforgettable memories, even when the sun sets. Here, the person also feels awkward as he didn’t want those memories to fade away and the person to forget him. Therefore, it depicts mixed emotions of the person as the incident takes place at 5:53 pm in Korea, which is the time of sunset and the time when the sky seems beautiful. The song begins with the shimmering sound of the xylophone that ends with the collective sound of the piano, indicating the beginning of the scenario followed by the main line.

“저 하늘의
오렌지빛 마법이
끝이 나기 전에
그 찰나에
시간아 멈춰줘”

which means

Cause imagination in that sky the orange-glowing magic before it comes to an еnd
Cause imagination at that moment can you feel the rush? Can you feel thе rush? Freeze this moment

Video Credits: HYBE LABELS

We Lost the Summer

‘We Lost The Summer’ or “날 씨를 잃어 버렸어” is the third track of the album. Here the person tries to recall the great moments he has spent with the person he is close to, which also refers to the time of the summer. Now he knows he won’t be able to bring back those memories even though he wants them to and he misses them dearly, hence making him stuck in the winter forever. One can relate this song to the ongoing situation of the pandemic, where one cannot enjoy or experience various moments outside anymore. The song is one of the dance hall tracks beginning with the different tune of the synthesizer by making the very first sound of the song “oh oh oh – oh oh oh – we lost the summer” followed by the main line which means the same.

“Cause we lost the summer when we lost each other
나의 계절을 돌려줘, oh, it’s all gone
영원한 winter, now I just miss ya
우릴 돌려줘, oh, it’s all gone
We lost the summer”

Video Credits: HYBE Labels


‘Wishlist’ is the fourth track of the album. Here, the person is willing to surprise someone he likes by giving a present which is a favourite of that person. For that, he is really curious about that person and is eager to know and wants them to reveal what they like, as the main verse of the song says

“대체 어디 숨겼니?
내게 말해줘 비밀
Say now, say now, oh, yeah
Say now, say now
Please tell me now
Time’s up, give me your wishlist
Birthday 소원을 말해줘
Say now, say now, oh, yeah
Say now, say now
Please tell me now”

but, they end up not revealing it. He was unable to resist that moment and therefore in the end, he confesses his feelings to the person he likes. During the interview with ELLE, HUENINGKAI says “Wishlist”, is a relatable song about wanting to give a special someone the perfect birthday gift, but they won’t tell you what it is they want. As everyone can probably imagine, this is really hard to figure out. The song is Pop-rock, and it’s very bright and refreshing. The song starts with the line “Please tell me now” followed by a series of drum beats.


Way Home

“Way Home” or “하굣길” is the last track of the album. Here the title itself suggests going back home from school. Here, the person recalls the days after stepping into the familiar place, and the ups and downs he had faced with the person with whom he has stayed together for a long time. After being there alone, he is now finding it surreal and foreign and a strange feeling is getting stirred in him. In the interview which was conducted by ELLE, Yeon-jun said “Way Home” is about the way back home from school. It’s the same path and scenery we walk through almost every day, but in this track, everything around us seems foreign and surreal like a mirage in a desert or a figment of our imagination, and we grow a little unsettled. The genre of this song is Pop and it starts with the alternate sounds of electronic music and a xylophone, followed by the main line of the song ‘Oh Wa Na Na Na – Oh Wa Na Na Na – Oh Wa Na 달려가 달려가

Video Credits: HYBE LABELS

This album is one of my favourite albums of TXT because of its relaxing and enjoyable music as well as how each member has conveyed the meaning behind each and every lyric. After listening to this album, do share your favourite track in the comment section!

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  1. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Blue hour and We lost the summer are my favourite tracks. Specially love we lost the summer the lyrics really resonated with the covid times and how everyone lost their summer!! Very well written review. 💜💜💜

  2. Jubby Kumar says:

    I love all the songs of this album however “Blue Hour” is my favourite! The vibes, the lyrics, the choreography and the TXT members…. everything about this song is exquisite!

  3. My favourite songs from the album are Blue Hour and We lost the summer. It’s always great to have hopeful music in your life, and TXT continues to deliver some really bright stuff to the music industry with every release.

  4. We lost the summer is my favourite song from this album. I enjoy TXT very much. Yeonjun is savage 🤭 Happy to be a MOA

  5. Moumita Mondal says:

    Blue hour is one of my favourite song in this album. They really working hard and their music is ♥️

  6. I love we lost the summer a lot <3

    1. Mamoni says:

      I love all the songs but Blue hour is 💙✨

  7. My fav songs from this album are Blue Hour and We lost the summer. Indeed this album made me more closer to TXT! Beautifully reviewed!

  8. Blue hour is my fav song from the album💙💙 Lovely article👏

  9. Tirna says:

    I hv been liking TXT and their songs ❤

  10. Drishti Belkhede says:

    Great review !

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    🤩🤩lovely article

  12. Thanks for the review. Found few great songs! 🤩

  13. anishanath says:

    I knew them from a long time but never heard their songs but after this song was released I never stopped listening to them. Well written.

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