R&B singer-songwriter oceanfromtheblue Releases His First Full-Length Album

Smriti Lakra, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

K-R&B artist oceanfromtheblue released his first album on February 2nd. A well-made self-titled album that contains warm and introspective R&B tracks. The artist’s self-titled album goes beyond a simple full-length album as it opens up the intimate details of his life including his current status and mindset towards life.

Credit: Warner Music Korea / Photographer: NOVV KIM

The first full-length album consists of a total of 12 tracks where 10 producers gathered in the form of a song camp to complete the project. Each track, which is a special piece in itself, forms an organic story as a whole. The album is an R&B album in its essence where you can feel the touch of diverse genres such as ballad, pop, disco, funk, and alternative music.

Also, an exclusive featuring artist lineup including sunwoojunga and Jang Yeeun (a former member of K-Pop girl group CLC) adds distinct colors to the album. The album shows how expressive and masterful the artist can be, giving the listener a peak into his life.


1. Breath

2. Past Life

3. Close to You (feat. sunwoojunga) *FOCUS TRACK*

Video Credits: oceanfromtheblue

4. Come Back Home (feat. Yeeun)

Video Credits: oceanfromtheblue

5. Open Your Mind

6. Scent

Video Credits: oceanfromtheblue

7. Marriage

8. Treasure

9. 30 (feat. Kuhyun)

10. Peter-Pan

11. Brother

12. Room 6 Interlude

oceanfromtheblue has become a fixture of Korea’s music scene in recent years through his poetic lyrics and warm, dulcet voice. Indeed, his songs have become essential picks for any mellow-minded playlist. He made a debut with the EP album ‘Luv-fi’ in 2018 and his EP ‘Messages’ was on top of the R&B/Soul album chart on Apple Music Korea in 2021. He also participated in joint live performances held in London, Amsterdam, Paris and participated in diverse programs ranging from EBS ‘Space Gonggam’, ‘D Museum: Sunset Live’, ‘Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival’ ‘MU:CON’, MBN ‘Avatar Singer’ in the year 2022.

Take a look at his latest release and let us know your favourite tracks from his album ‘oceanfromtheblue’ in the comments!

Courtesy: Laury (Music Publicist)

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