K-Event Review: BTS Yet To Come in Cinemas Screening

Seema and Ekta Aggarwal, New Delhi

BTS announced special screening for their Busan in person live concert and online live streaming “Yet To Come in Busan” to promote Busan’s bid for World Expo 2030, which held on 15th October 2022 and “Yet To Come in Cinemas” with worldwide release from 1st February 2023 for limited period. In India, it was released for only 1st and 2nd February and the tickets went on sales just a week before the screening but later on more shows were added by PVR cinemas with special 4DX screening till 5th of February considering the huge fanbase and demand for it in India.

Concert Overview

The concert began with chanting of audience and a little VCR clip of their most recent album, “Yet To Come,” playing in the background. BTS Indian ARMY (fanbase) were super excited for the show as BTS appeared on the stage to perform Mic Drop that transitioned to RUN BTS, Run, Save Me back to back that simply had the ARMYs stand up and dance with their idols as they danced on the other side of the screen. Then comes their opening statements with leader RM followed by each member introducing themselves one by one. Even though at this point they don’t need an introduction!

The concert proceeds with a beautiful performance of 00:00 (Zero O’ Clock) by the vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V & Jung Kook) followed by the powerful rap line’s (RM, Suga, j-hope) performance on UGH! which left the ARMYs from swaying and being emotional one moment to jumping, dancing and vibing the next!

Video Credits: BANGTANTV

The septet performed a total of 19 songs from their evergreen discography such as Cypher Pt3: KILLER, Dynamite, Boy with Luv, Butter, Ma City, Dope, Fire, IDOL, EPILOGUE: Young Forever, For Youth, Spring Day, and Yet To Come; in a span of roughly two hours focused setlist. They also invited their dance crew on the stage as a token of appreciation to do freestyle at the end of Idol performance which was one of the coolest moment of the concert. Right before their encore performance they talked about how happy, emotional and exciting they were to see ARMY in front of them, to perform live. At one point, Jimin got overwhelmed while saying, “that the concert is coming to an end.”

It was a special and meaningful concert for BTS as a group as well as individuals in their own way and ARMYs could feel that connection radiating through screen even if we were watching it in theaters. As Jimin got emotional, V cheered him up as it was his birthday two days prior to the concert back in October.

For the Encore they started with EPILOGUE: Young Forever, For Youth and Spring day leaving us all pretty emotional. During the ending-ment, the members were trying not to cry and as always were trying to cheer everyone and j-hope said, that this concert is very meaningful for him and he is relieved that they got to show these amazing stages to perform at. He added, “It’s time for BTS and ARMY to trust and rely on each other while looking towards the future.” That was the cue for everyone in the theatre as their sentiments was well all understood through the unspoken words The concert came to an end with an amazing performance of Yet To Come.

Overall Experience

Watching Yet to Come in Busan Concert in cinema was one of the most beautiful and wholesome experience ever. It was like we were watching them performing live and not in theatre. This concert was even more special as it was BTS’ last concert as a group until they reunite in 2025. We ARMY were full of energy and enthusiasm when we got to know about BTS Yet To Come is about to be released in cinemas, and everyone will be able to see them perform live on a big screen. From the moment of booking tickets to reaching at theatres, the energy was highly contagious.

Concluding Remarks

Hallyuism team members also attended the first day first show screening from their own respective cities across India and some even from outside India. It was yet another great experience for everyone to come together. It was a little emotional and nostalgic experience by the end but overall a proud moment for ARMYs. Even for the ARMYs watching in theaters, it was hard to say goodbye to BTS as we all were feeling very emotional.

Being a part of the fandom from very long time, it was great to see the new baby ARMYs and parents who came to watch the boys dancing and singing. Even the PVR staff were also enjoying the movie and they were amazed to see the love we have for the boys.

As the ending credits were rolling on the screen, small clips were also played sharing behind the scene conversation among members complementing and teasing each other. During the very last moments of the concert, we all did BTS fan chant surrounded by loving ARMYs. And that’s how the BTS concert was ended with a promise to come back stronger as ever and be together for many more years to come as Suga always says “BTS and Army will be together even when they turn 70 and grow old together.” And of course as always there was an ending roll with “Special thanks to ARMYs”.

Video Credits: BANGTANTV

We wish for boys to comeback healthy and happy after completing their military enlistment and promise to wait and be there for them as they are with us! Did you catch this concert screening at the cinemas in your cities? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I haven’t watched the movie yet but after reading the whole article i could imagine everything as all the details is so well expressed. Wholesome!🥺🥺💜 And yes we promise to wait and be there for them as they are with us! 

  2. Moumita Mondal says:

    It was so much fun with army’s as I went to watch it . One of the best day of 2023😍💜

  3. Tirna says:

    I went to watch it. It was an amazing experience. I got emotional towards the end

  4. Thankyou for sharing your experience!

  5. Neeru Nagar says:

    One of the best and memorable moment I created on the day 05 feb 2023,i will never forget this date. I went to cinema to watch YTC and I was out of this world💜 words aren’t enough to describe my feeling, what I felt what I saw it was unbelievable. I enjoyed a lot lot lot… So many armies were there, I had so much fun & dance a lot. Thank you so much #BTS for gave this gift to the ARMY who’s unable to attend your concert overseas. Love Love Love 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 from 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷⟬⟭💜

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    I went there with my army friend💜 even if they were on the screen, I felt like I was there😌💜✨

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    I want to watch this. Beautifully written 😍

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    Every Experience is a beautiful experience with BTS…Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with us. 💜💜💜

  10. Loved reading about the experience 🥺♥️ I wish I could’ve attended it😭 This sounds so beautiful

  11. Thankyou so much for sharing your experience of the movie screening. As an ARMY I wish for BTS to comeback happy and healthy. Till 2025, Borahae 💜

  12. anishanath says:

    I know the feeling this time as I also went to watch this in Kolkata and I can feel how much excited your were while writing this. It must have been a very a great experience for you too. Thank you for writing this review on this event.

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    I went to watch ,it was so amazing 🤩🤩 ,thank you for writing this beautiful article 💗.borahae 💜

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    It’s a great article as I also went to watch the Movie or should I say concert. I can feel it. Reading this article reminding me that day. It was a great day with my other ARMY friends. Thanks for writing this beautiful article.

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    Every ARMY can relate to this experience!

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