K-Beauty: Essential Skincare Routine

Krupal Mehta, Mumbai, Maharashtra                               

South Korea is the hub of beauty trends and updates in the beauty industry. Glass skin is a trending topic in almost every part of the world. Glass skin simply refers to even-toned, lustrous, and glossy skin just like glass. Since skin is smooth and even-toned, the facial features are highlighted easily. Achieving lustrous skin is no easy task and requires dedicated routine and consistent efforts but is doable for anyone even with a low budget.

Koreans live by skincare routine. However, their 10-step skincare routine is a little tiring at times. For shortening the routine, it is important to know non-negotiable steps and to include them. They consist of actions that are easy to follow whether it’s done in the morning or at night. But it’s important to know the skin type before jumping into any routine or purchasing. 

Double Cleanse

It includes cleaning your face once with an oil cleanser and a second time with a foam cleanser. Oils can act as a powerful cleanser! Oil cleanser removes makeup products or any cosmetics applied, so if you are lacking an oil cleanser you can replace it with micellar water as it contains micelles, which are compounds that are highly effective at removing dirt and oil to keep skin clear. Micelles also increase your skin’s permeability, allowing cleansers to reach deeper layers of the skin. Generally not all impurities are washed off with an oil based cleanser, hence a water based cleanser is also incorporated to remove any residue left on the skin. Foam or water based cleansers wash off dirt, sweat, and other impurities to provide you with a clean canvas.


Exfoliation done once or twice a week can help acne scars fade faster, absorb products better, and leave your skin feeling smoother.  There are 2 types of exfoliators. Physical and chemical. Physical exfoliators works on surface while chemical exfoliators sink into the skin surface and exfoliates from within. It is done once or twice a week since excess exfoliation can cause damage to the skin by causing breakouts or pimples. 


Toners were designed to maintain the pH level of the skin. But now toners are intended to balance and hydrate the skin after exfoliation or cleansing for other products to get absorbed easily. It is a mandatory step in this routine. 

Treatment (Serums)

Serums are concentrated formulas of active ingredients and they particularly target skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots, and dehydration. Famous serums include Vitamin C serum. Although serums can be used for anti-aging properties, they boost collagen production and fades hyper-pigmentation and protects skin from the sun.


Again, a non-negotiable step in the routine is to moisturise. Moisturizers introduce more hydration into your skin and also locks in all the beneficial treatments you just applied. Glass skin is shiny, smooth and to keep it that way, the skin must be well hydrated. Using thin water-based moisturizers keep skin bouncy and light, unlike heavy cream moisturizer which can make the face look greasy. 

Along with above steps, one can inculcate sheets masks once or twice a week depending on their skin issue and using eye creams at night.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are soaked in essence. Sheet masks provide hydration and create a barrier on your skin so essence can sink deep within.

Eye Creams

They help in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, so it is also a step in anti-aging process.


Sunscreens are equally important in any skin-care routine! Therefore, make sure not to skip using sunscreen with at least SPF +50 whenever you are stepping out.

It is also essential to first analyse your skin type before starting any routine since using the wrong products can reverse or never show results. Also it is important to remember the pH criteria before choosing the product.

Koreans not only follow this routine but they also drink lots of water throughout the day and never compromise on sleep. Sleep and water balance are the 2 most important things to maintain healthy skin from within.

Healthy skin can take time, so little consistent effort can count in long run. It is important to enjoy the regime rather than following it as a routine, and you will soon see the results yourself!

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