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What comes to your mind when I say the word ‘PARASITE’? Well, if you paid attention in your biology lecture back in the school days, you must be familiar with this word as an organism that benefits at the expense of another organism. But why biology all of a sudden, you ask? This movie is somewhat similar to that symbiotic relationship.


Parasite is a 2019 South Korean, thriller-suspense movie directed by Bong Joon-ho, and co-written with Han Ji-won. The amazing and talented cast includes Song Kang-ho (as Kim Ki-taek), Lee Sun-kyun (as Park Dong-ik), Cho Yeo-jeong (as Choi Yeon-gyo), Choi Woo-shik (as Kim Ki-woo), Park So-dam (as Kim Ki-jung), Jang Hye-jin (as Chung-sook), and Lee Jung-eun (as Gook Moon-gwang).


The movie revolves around the two main families: The KIMs and The PARKs. The Kim family consists of father Ki-taek, mother Chung-sook, daughter Ki-jung and son Ki-woo, who lives in a small semi-basement apartment, work as pizza box folders which makes little amount for the whole family while relying on unprotected Wi-Fi networks and live in an uncertain life. The Park family consists of mother Yeon-gyo, father Dong-ik, daughter Da-hye, and son Da-song, on the other hand, are an upper-class family who lives in a lavish house and have everything one can dream of.

Ki-woo’s friend before he left to study abroad gives him a scholar’s rock, which is meant to promise wealth and recommends he should take over his job as an English tutor for the Park family’s daughter Da-hye. He forges credentials and poses as a reputed university student and gets hired by the Park family. He becomes the only family member to earn well. That makes their desire corrupt and they plan a scheme to earn/extract more money from the wealthy family. The Kim family recommends themselves as unrelated and highly qualified workers to take over as servants of the Parks. The Kim family adapts very well to their respective roles of English teacher, Art therapist as Jessica, Chauffeur, and Housekeeper in the Park family and starts earning a good amount of money.

One day, the Parks go on a camping trip leaving the whole house to her housekeeper (Kim–woo’s mother). Since the house was empty, the whole Kim family enjoys the luxuries of their residence and starts assuming this opulent house as their own. While they were so immersed in their dreams, they hear the doorbell and that’s when the story takes a turn. The twist and turns in this movie not only make your jaw drop but also keeps you engulfed in the story because trust me you do not know what awaits you till the end.

Why You Should Watch?

One of the riveting things about this movie is you cannot predict how the story takes a turn and leaves you all baffled. Bong Joon-ho delivers a brilliantly styled portrait of class and fate. The Kim family’s deception works flawlessly. The director delineates masterfully that the word ‘Parasite’ has a double meaning. Once the Kim’s are employed in the Park household, they begin to assume more of this fabricated identity of wealth and on the other hand, the Park family use their money to exploit poor families with their cheap labour. In a way, they too are parasites.

The director exquisitely reveals the classism and contrast in the quality of life between the rich and poor in the movie by showing the multi-level, luxurious home of the Park family with the modern gadgets, at the top of the hill while the Kim family living below street-level in a semi-basement.

Accolades and Recognition

When I first saw the movie, I had no idea about what I was in for. But as the movie escalated, I was always on the edge of my seat with my heart racing. The director successfully made the viewers feel like they are part of the movie. It is a truly exceptional film that lives up to immense praise. Every set-up is paid off, every progression is carefully timed. Parasite has proven to be a groundbreaking achievement for South Korean movies. Director Bong Joon-ho became the first South-Korean filmmaker to win Best Director at The Academy Awards.

Parasite was not just the first South Korean film to win the foreign language prize at the Oscars but also the first foreign language from any country to win the overall best picture prize. The first South Korean movie to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Parasite was the first film since Marty in 1995, to win the top prize of both the Oscars and The Cannes Film Festival. Also, this masterpiece broke several financial records as well.

Well, you must be wondering who are the real parasites. The poor who attach themselves to the rich or the rich who suck every drop of blood left of the poor with their money. If you are in the mood for a top-notch movie, what are you waiting for? Also, how can I forget the famous Jessica Jingle? Don’t worry, you will be affected by the infectious Jessica jingle by the end of the movie just like every other person.

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  1. A well-deserved win for the behemoth of a movie. So many undertones are explored and subtly depicted through the runtime of the movie. The movie fantastically talks about social stratification and class-divide and how struggle and entitlement eats up the humanity inside. The genius screenplay and plot-line is accompanied by artistic sense of cinematography and an incredible score. The ensemble cast have shown ingenuity in playing the characters.

  2. anishanath says:

    This movie is next to outstanding, such a great movie and for this reason they also got the Oscar. The plot was amazing and all of the cast acted to their best. Everybody must watch this movie, Bong Joon-ho is one of the best directors I have ever seen and Parasite is one of his masterpiece. You have done a great job by writing a review on this movie, it is one of my favourite movie.

  3. Moumita Mondal says:

    I have never watched this movie but heard about it. The storyline is really interesting. A well deserved oscar winning movie. It really shows well how a poor or middle class family is so different from a rich family. All the casts did amazing job because a good film not only needs a good storyline but also good acting .I’ll definitely watch this movie soon and I already want part 2 of this drama even before starting the 1st season. Well done hallyuism , a great review.

  4. This movie occupied so much of my braincells. I really love this movie.

  5. Mamoni says:

    I personally like movies with deeper meaning and this is a masterpiece and why Parasite won an Oscar is self-explanatory😌It’s a must-watch movie🙌

  6. This movie was such a ride! It subtly depicted the difference between the two classes with such deep meanings. Thoroughly enjoyed this!🙌 The review is so well written 👏♥️

  7. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Very well written review.. this movie is such a masterpiece. The subtle meanings behind each and every scene and the plot twist are what intrigued me the most. Kudos to the entire team.

  8. Tirna says:

    I have seen the movie, and I remember that I was not able to leave my laptop for a second, it’s a very gripping movie. Great review. The scene after the Parks come back from camping was unexpected.

  9. I really enjoyed watching this movie. It showed various aspects that intrigues us to watch till end

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