K-Movie Review: 200 Pounds Beauty

Anisha Nath, Kolkata, West Bengal Most people in our world judge individuals by their outward appearance not comprehending how beautiful or ugly that person’s inner self is. We start characterising someone’s talent solely by their outer beauty which reflects the dark mindset of this society. Because everyone has some kind of talent, and they have…


Meghna Sharma, Panchkula, Haryana What comes to your mind when I say the word ‘PARASITE’? Well, if you paid attention in your biology lecture back in the school days, you must be familiar with this word as an organism that benefits at the expense of another organism. But why biology all of a sudden, you…

K-Movie Review: BTS’ Break the Silence

Madhavi Sutar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra: BTS, a well-known boy-band from South Korea, internationally recognized around the globe for their remarkable performances; whose music echoes throughout the world always replenishing audiences with a sense of optimism, courage and enthusiasm that accentuates the significance of self-love within lives through the medium of their captivating music. The seven-membered much-loved boy-band perpetuates liveliness through their music. The meaning & lyrics of their songs are always energetic and encouraging to listen to. BTS, enthralled the fans globally when they announced the release of their docu-series based movie, Break the Silence, last year in September, 2020. During these reeling times of pandemic and lockdown being imposed in several countries, fans finally got a chance to get a glimpse of BTS and to know more about every member. This movie brings their raw and vulnerable self more closer for fans to connect to.

K-Movie Review: Fabricated City

Krishna Kishen, New Delhi: Fabricated City is a 2017 South Korean action-thriller movie directed by Park Kwang-hyun. Starring one of the most celebrated action actors Ji Chang-wook as Kwon Yoo and the incandescent Shim Eun-kyung as Yeo Wool. If you are planning to watch a mind-boggling movie with enthralling suspense along with action, some lighthearted romance and longer than life friendships, then this movie should definitely be on your watch l