Jeju Island’s Tourism

 Khushi Sharma, Delhi

Jeju Island is the heart of Korean topography and who knows it better than Korean drama fans? Korea is a land of various landforms. From mountains to coast, the natural serenity of South Korea is unbeatable. Known as the “Island of Three Abundances” where abundance are the wind, rocks, and women. It is the largest island in South Korea. It was part of the Jeollanam-do province and was separated in 1946. It is Korea’s first and only special autonomous province. There are various reasons why Jeju tourism is famous. Some are dramatic, some are beautiful, and some are just too fun to hear which makes you want to plan your next vacation to Jeju.

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Not only for the Koreans but soon after the spread of Korean culture internationally Jeju has become one of the very chosen spots for foreigners. It is one of those most picked destinations for newlyweds and why not it has so much to offer that can stay with you in your memories forever. In contrast to the mainland, the first thing that makes Jeju completely different from the mainstream is the matriarchal system. In Asia who doesn’t want to see that at least once in their life? The whole system seems different and super fresh. The concept of ’Haenyeo’ the female divers is a very well-known idea that people look forward to. Industries like the gathering of seafood are dominated by women divers which signifies their strength. Jeju women are equal in strength.

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If we talk about the climate then it is hot and humid. It is not that unbearably hot, but the humidity makes you count the hours. Winters are warm in Jeju and provide the comfort that everyone is seeking. Apart from that the hurricanes are most prone to Jeju compared to the whole South Korean land. Although the tourist industry benefits from it, the increasing expectation of tourists every week is concerning. Since South Korea is holding its tight hands for international services most people are looking at Jeju as an alternative option for the vacation or to take a break.

Although the number of foreign tourists is increasing, one must know Korean or have a means of communication to get through the island if you are not looking to travel using just the taxi services. People in most service sectors are natives. When it comes to choosing what to eat, it’s crucial to take some time to prepare and consider your options. While there may be a wide variety of foods available, it’s important to keep in mind the nutritional value and potential health benefits of the food you choose. Additionally, it’s important to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have, as well as any cultural or ethical considerations. Exceptional services like renting a car to roam around even for foreigners are provided as not everyone is aware of bus routes for traveling.

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The airways connect the capital, Jeju City and most of the other tourist spots are situated in Gimnyeong, Gangjeong, Seongsan, Hallim, and Seogwipo. The famous Jeju World Cup stadium is situated in Seogwipo. After roaming around and spending time in beautiful resorts and beaches one can buy something for their loved ones. Jeju offers some unique and beautiful options. The citrus wine, also called Jeju Gamgyul is very popular and an experience to shop for. Green teas, handmade dolls, paired statues for good luck and fortune and one must include the hallabong chocolates. These are the perfect things to grab and make your Jeju trip more memorable.

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Jeju does not only offer you good resorts and sights instead the man-made tourist spots and activities will catch your eyes and you will never want to leave again. You can go hiking to mountains like Mt. Hallasan which is also recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO, it’s the highest mountain in South Korea. Mount Eorimok, Gwaneumsa, Donnaeko, Seongpanak, and Yeongsil will give some breathtaking views and unforgettable adventures. Other sites like Glass Castle, Loveland, and Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival are some of the unique experiences given by only Jeju of South Korea. If you’re a Korean drama fan or a K-pop fan you might already have seen all those beautiful scenes and music videos that belong to Jeju.

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So why not plan at least one vacation and learn more about the place and Korean culture? The Korean Hawaii is waiting for you!!

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