Jeju Island’s Tourism

 Khushi Sharma, Delhi Jeju Island is the heart of Korean topography and who knows it better than Korean drama fans? Korea is a land of various landforms. From mountains to coast, the natural serenity of South Korea is unbeatable. Known as the “Island of Three Abundances” where abundance are the wind, rocks, and women. It…

10 Must-Visit Places in South Korea for Every Traveller

Saumya Jain, Delhi When you think about South Korea, there are a million musings and fleeting glances in your head flooded with concerts, K-pop, K-dramas, Ramyeon, Kimchi, Lotte World, hanbok, cherry blossoms, aesthetic cafes, and whatnot. I am sure visiting South Korea has been a part of your wish list; you wish to tick it…

K-Interview: Latte Papa

Sanchita Bathija, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Namaste from India! LATTE PAPA is a professional barista who owns two cafés named “With Us, Travel” in Jeju City in South Korea and will soon be opening a cafe in Dubai. He is also a café vlog creator on YouTube, where he posts content related to the making process…

Top 5 Places In South Korea To Experience Spring

Kimi Kar, Agartala, Tripura Winter melts and spring takes over, splashing the cities and the countryside with brilliant colours and fragrant scents. While we all wait with bated breath for the forecasts and the festivals, get a head start on your travel plans with these top tips for savouring spring in South Korea. Let’s not…


Bhagyashree Thingalaya, Mumbai, Maharashtra Many beverages are consumed all over the world, however, the most consumed beverage is ‘Tea.’ You can drink this beverage at any time of the day to refresh yourself from a hectic or dull day!! One thing good about Tea is, it can be served hot and as well as cold…

K-Interview with YouTuber and Creator: Jenna

Nikhat Parveen, Khushi Vaid (New Delhi), and Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Please introduce yourself to our Indian audience and what you do? I am working in Korea to understand and introduce the cultures of India and Korea by producing content that contains the culture, education, and lifestyle of India and Korea. As Korea and…

K-Pop MVs Screening Glimpses of Nature

Khushi Sharma, New Delhi; Diya Nair, Kochi, Kerala; Khushi Vaid, New Delhi: K-Pop MVS are astoundingly known for their peculiar shooting; capturing every detail as much as possible. They try presenting minute details regarding colour, contrast, lightening, depth and composition. Regardless of the budget, they try to capture every complexity of the scene, resulting in pleasant aesthetics and vibrance. It is said that our emotions are connected to music while at the same time connected to the nature. To celebrate this imperishable bond here are some K-pop songs that celebrate nature of South Korea.

The Rising Korean Wave in India: K-Event by The Hindu and Korea Tourism Organization of India

Korean Wave popularly called as “Hallyu” (한류) has gained massive popularity across the world in recent times and India is no different to it. A rapid boom in India can be witnessed in the recent years with rising popularity of K-Pop and K-Dramas among the youth and teenagers that is eventually leading to their interest in other aspects of Korean Culture. The pandemic seems to have also contributed for the shift of people towards consumption of Korean entertainment at large. It is now valid to say that most fans in India are thrilled by it and wish to at least witness everything they see on screen in real life. To sum it up, it is that every Korean wave fan wishes to visit Korea once in their lifetime. Taking this undeniable point into notice, Korea Tourism Organisation and The Hindu presented an online event discussion on the topic “The Rising Korean Wave in India and Its Influence on Post- Pandemic Travel to South Korea.”

Cherry Blossoms: Blossoming Blooms of South Korea

Misha Bharti, New Delhi: Have you ever wished to walk under the illuminated cherry blossom trees? The best time to catch a glimpse of these cherry blossoms that paint Korea in pastel pink shades is between late March and mid-April. As they say ‘Spring is surely the best time to visit Korea.’

Easily Available Korean Skincare Brands in India

Prianka Chaudhary, Delhi: Nowadays Korean skincare is really popular in India, and in order to cater to the demands of the customers here, a few Korean brands have opened their branches in some cities and also started their official websites.