Korean Entertainment Company Cafeterias and Cafés

Abhilasha Rawat, Pune, Maharashtra

Ever wondered what idols and trainees eat while signed by an entertainment company? Do they eat instant food, Korean food or continental food? In recent years many entertainment companies have opened their cafeteria and café! While many are exclusive to artists, trainees and staff, some are open to the public to enjoy what their favourite groups love to eat. So, here are 6 entertainment company cafeterias and cafés that are trending among celebrities and citizens!

JYP Entertainment – JYP BOB and JYP Soul Cup Café

One of the most talked-about entertainment company cafeterias, JYP BOB, is a play on the word ‘Jip-bap’, which means ‘home cooked’ in Korean. Designed by the company’s founder Park Jin-young (JYP), the meals available at JYP BOB are organic, eco-friendly, pesticide-free and filled with antibiotics. From fried chicken to salads, fruits and soups, the menu encompasses every food group. JYP has stated in numerous interviews that he devised the meal plans after seeing many trainees eating instant and junk food since they were young school-going children. He also said that in a year, about two million dollars go to the cafeteria but the overall cost for one full meal is only 4,000 KRW ($3.60). For staff, the food is available at a subsidized rate whereas it is free for artists and trainees.

JYP Soul Cup Café is a must-go-to place if you visit Korea! Open to all, the cafe is connected to the JYP Entertainment main building. The cafe offers a wide range of cakes, coffees and ice creams, which are all made with organic ingredients. One can even buy tumblers and mugs from Soup Cup Café and if you’re lucky enough you might even meet your ults there!

JYP Entertainment – JYP BOB and JYP Soul Cup Café

SM Entertainment – SUM Café

Open to all, SUM Café has been the talk of the town. From Korean to continental, the cafe offers a variety of dishes. The menu has a section with dishes picked by idols on it so if you’re confused, you can choose dishes recommended by them. The Pink Room, which is separate from the SUM Café, is usually reserved for idols so they can eat comfortably and with privacy. The café is attached to a merchandise and convenience shop where items that SMTown idols use are sold like Chen’s black cap or Sehun’s power bank. The café also has merchandise, awards, outfits and albums displayed and even some up for purchase.

SM Entertainment – SUM Café

YG Entertainment

A mystery to not only the public but celebrities from other companies, YG Entertainment’s cafeteria is open only to artists, staff and people very close to the YG Family. Although the cafeteria is a secret, YG artists and people who have had the chance to eat at the cafeteria sing praises of the food served. With an open area as well as private rooms, the cafeteria is more spacious than the one in YG’s older building. The YG building has a Pho shop near the cafeteria and is also attached to a convenience store with goods like ice cream and chips. iKON’s Chanwoo revealed that every pork item at the YG cafeteria is the best. He also went on to say that they get soups, noodles and kimchi as basic food, making the YG cafeteria a place everyone wants to visit!

YG Entertainment – Private Cafetria.

Cube Entertainment – 20 Space Café

Known for their “artist beverages” i.e, drinks named after idols and groups under Cube Entertainment, 20 Space Café has become a hot spot recently. Although it is not a cafeteria, the 20 Space Café is attached to the main Cube Entertainment building and one can often spot Cube artists buying their favourite beverages and desserts. Offering a variety of confectionery goods and beverages, the café is also a spot to buy merchandise and write letters to your favourite groups! There is also a special post box and a wall where you can leave messages for your favourite artists.

Cube Entertainment – 20 Space Café

Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) – RBW Lounge

From cakes to fansite pictures, signed albums and DIY projects, the RWB Lounge displays everything related to its artists in the small yet elegant cafe. Even though RBW artists get a lot of their food delivered, they do visit the lounge to snack on pizza, bread, and cookies and drink some coffee. The cafe offers RBW artists meals at a subsidized rate and even holds birthday events for their artists!

Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) – RBW Lounge

HYBE Labels – HYBE FRITZ (Forum)

Even though it’s barely been some time since the artists under HYBE Labels moved to their new building, HYBE has already released a blueprint of their new building and many have shown their interest in the ‘Forum.’ An open space on the upper floors of the building, the Forum is described as a place for resting and communicating. Although an open space, private rooms can be made with the help of power-run curtains. The company plans to open a café, in collaboration with Fritz, in this area and aims to have a unique office cafe that fits HYBE’s branding. Attached to the café will be a hanging garden called ‘Comb’ where people can go to “free their mind of thoughts.” Overall HYBE aims at making a healthy and happy workspace for their trainees, idols and staff!

HYBE Labels – HYBE FRITZ (Forum)

Bonus! SBS, KBS and MBC Cafeteria

The Big 3 broadcasting companies! Starting with SBS. Serving a hearty meal at $6, the broadcasting agency is known for its fancy cuisine. They have a system of courses like the A Course i.e Korean food and the B course i.e. foreign food. Moving forward to KBS, many describe their food as home-style meals. One full meal is available at $ 4.50 and one must always finish their meal with an onion peel tea! Lastly, MBC’s cafeteria. It is one of the most popular broadcasting station cafeterias, serving both Korean and continental food at only $4!

SBS, KBS and MBC Cafeteria

Which cafeteria or cafe would you like to visit? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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