Let’s dive into K-Dramas

Tahoora Charfare, Pune, Maharashtra: It’s about the time, when we take a look towards a new and fascinating form of entertainment and watch something beyond the conventional sappy serials. The interesting world of K-Dramas will leave a cultural impact on you, and in no time it will grow on you, and leave you more and more interested.

Locked Down in love with the ‘Hallyu Wave’

Anushree, Hyderabad, Telangana With the entire country experiencing the lockdown, I am sure a lot of people have found their own ways to keep themselves occupied inside their house to cope up with the traumas of COVID-19. Some are busy cooking new dishes, some are glued to their TV, laptops and watching their favorite shows…

While at home, I find comfort in Korean Culture

Preeti Rawat, Delhi: It’s been more than one and a half months since the government initiated lock-down as a preventive measure against the deadly COVID-19. As everyone is confined to their homes, and moving out only to replenish their essential supplies, life can become a little monotonous.