Locked Down in love with the ‘Hallyu Wave’

Anushree, Hyderabad, Telangana

With the entire country experiencing the lockdown, I am sure a lot of people have found their own ways to keep themselves occupied inside their house to cope up with the traumas of COVID-19. Some are busy cooking new dishes, some are glued to their TV, laptops and watching their favorite shows back to back! And some are like me! Either already addicted or have just entered into Hallyu Wave! I entered a whole new world of the Korean Entertainment that I was not aware of before, and now I am obsessed with it.

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Seokguram Grotto from the Silla era, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

One day, while scrolling on Facebook, I accidentally came across some video suggestions of few scenes from the Korean Drama ‘Queen: Love and War’, which intrigued me to watch it further. In order to kill my boredom, I ended up watching all the episodes of this drama. It was just a few days before the lockdown and my exams were going on then (well, everything else seems interesting when we have exams, isn’t it? Even looking at the wall!) I told my friends about this, and they were like are you crazy? But, by that time, I had already got myself addicted to some unexplainable charm that the world of K-Dramas started offering me. (Anyway, my results came, and I topped my semester exams. Hehe!)

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I updated my reaction to this drama on my status as well, when one of my friend, who is a pro-K-Drama fan, suggested me a few dramas to watch and emphasized on starting with ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (Well, the charm of Descendants of the Sun and its magical impact on me, deserves a separate article that I will write very soon.)

Video Credits: Viki Global TV

AND THAT WAS IT! One after one, I ended up watching so many K-Dramas, that I realized there is no turning back now. I got hit by the Hallyu Wave. From what I saw from the dramas, it only made me madly curious about South Korea, its culture, language, food, tourism, etc. Soon my social media accounts automatically started suggesting me posts related to South Korea as well. I also realized that India does have a good fan following of K-Dramas and K-Pop as I found many social media accounts dedicated to K-Pop groups, idols, celebrities and K-Dramas and these fan clubs and fan-art accounts are being handled and followed by Indians.

I also started making threads on Twitter about each and every drama that I have watched till now. Descendants Of The Sun, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Healer, My Love From The Star, Crash Landing On You are just a few names that I have already finished watching. And as I write this article, I am binge-watching Goblin these days.

I regret not being aware of the Korean Culture while I was staying in Delhi, otherwise, I would have visited the Korean Cultural Center (KCCI) to at least feel the vibes of South Korea.

Anyway, I still have a long way to go. I already have so much good stuff to catch up with. Apart from dramas, I am exploring the world of K-Pop now, whose songs have already become a part of my everyday workout music.

I have even searched the restaurants that serve Korean Cuisine in my current city and I am particularly looking for vegetarian dishes (because I am a vegetarian). I cannot wait to visit them when the lockdown is lifted, so I can get a taste of Korean Cuisine. If you also know any Korean restaurant in my city, please let me know in the comments down below! I cannot deny the fact that I am already fallen in love with Hallyu.

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  1. anandgoku says:

    I guess these days everybody just keeps binge watching kdramas since that is the most popular thing out there. I too spend my days with kdramas and ramyeon

  2. SHEFALI SINGH says:

    Truly said, now people have a lot of time due to LOCKDOWN, and while using my time properly I’ve made cucumber Kimchi today. 😋

  3. PT says:

    Korean stuff is indeed interesting

  4. Arushi says:

    I am also following Kpop now. This period has given chance to explore this culture.

  5. Kamal says:

    Well expressed. It’s a good culture to explore.

  6. PT says:

    You’re making me curious about Korean shows now. 😂

  7. PT says:

    You’re making me curious about Korean shows now 😂

  8. PT says:

    You’re making me curious about Korean drama now 😂

  9. Traveler says:

    Korea is a good place to travel too..

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