Khiroda Singh Khuntia (Rourkela, Odisha) and Suhasini Singh (Pune, Maharashtra)

“Man, who acted out his Love, a woman who loved even the danger. A flower that bloomed between doubt and faith”

Flower of Evil is a blend of crime, thriller, romance with a twist of suspense aired on tvNDrama in 2020 comprising 16 episodes starring Lee Joon-gi as Do Hyun-soo/Baek Hee-sung, Moon Chae-won as Chae Ji-won, Jang Hee-jin as Do Hae-soo, Seo Hyun-woo as Kim Moo-jin and Kim Ji-hoon as Baek Hee-sung and it is directed by Kim Cheol-kyu and written by Yoo Jung-hee. The lead actors Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won have very well portrayed the story with their amazing acting skills. The story follows of Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon-gi) who lives with a fake identity and has a dark past which is a secret to everyone except the family of the Baek Hee Sung. Hee-sung tries his best to hide his identity and past but multiple confrontations begins to crumble his secret about his true identity.

Cast and Plot

This story revolves around Do Hyun-Soo who is trying to run away from his past and lives a peaceful life with a changed identity as Baek Hee-seung with his wife Chae Ji-won and daughter Baek Eun-ha. Hee-sung is a good husband, lovely father of Baek Eun-ha and a metal artwork worker who has a dark past and is afraid if his secrets will get revealed resulting a heartbreaking separation from his beloved family as he’s the son of a serial killer Do Min Seok who died when Hyun and Hae soo were in High school. Being a son of a serial killer, he was addressed to be a psychopath and his father’s accomplish who helped him murder the innocent victims. At the age of 18, after his father’s death he was mistreated by his villagers as they thought he was possessed by his father’s ghost. His mental state was deeply affected and he actually felt presence of his dead father around him. At the same time the village headman was murdered and everyone accused Hyun-soo for this murder. Before the villagers knew anything he ran away and coincidentally met Baek Man-woo who gave him a new identity as his son.

While living his life as Baek Hee-seung he met Cha Ji-won who lived in his neighbourhood. Spending time with her, he developed feelings for her without realising. They got married and appeared to be the perfect family without any flaws till Cha Ji-won came across another serial murder case. Cha Ji-won is a lovely wife of Baek Hee-sung, mother of Baek Eun-ha and a homicide detective at Gangsu Police station. She loves and trusts Baek Hee-sung more than anything in the world, but when Hee-sung gets in a troubling situation, she suspects him along with the other crime cases, as they might be connected to him. During a murder investigation Cha Ji-won finds out about Do Hyun soo’s past. The case makes her confront that her perfect husband may be hiding something from her.

Reporter Kim Moo-jin who was Hyun-soo’s childhood friend was also involved in this serial murder case and was helping Cha Ji-won find the culprit behind these murders. During a conversation he finds about her husband Baek Hee-seung who actually was Do Hyun-soo. Reporter Moo-jin and Do Hyun-soo unexpectedly meet again in Hyun-soo’s metal craft workshop. Moo-jin was also having the same thought as the villagers that Hyun-soo is responsible for the village headman’s death. He was too shocked to see Hyun-soo alive, but he was astonished by the fact that he had hid himself with a new identity and was living with a detective.

Soon, there was one more murder case in Hoesin-dong Chinese restaurant which was exactly like the Headman murder case in which Do Hyun-Soo was involved. The surveillance footage showed that the victim was killed by a man in a raincoat. Just the night before this incident, Ji-won notices her husband returning home late with similar raincoat on. She has no other option but to add him to the list of suspects and research on the same.

While trying to find the hidden truth and reveal the murderer Cha Ji-won questions herself at every step, if Do Hyun-soo was actually a psychopath and helped his father murder the innocent people. While finding out about the truth she comes across the darkness and pain that her husband has been through all these years.

All the evidences directly pointed at Hyun-soo to be the murderer but Cha Ji-won decided to trust him and now they were on a search to find the actual accomplish of his father.

Will they find the real culprit? Or was it Do Hyun-soo who accompanied his father? 

Will Cha Ji-won regret trusting her husband? Will Do hyun-soo live as Baek Heeseung forever?

Will they be able to get back how they were?

Chemistry of the leads

Chemistry of Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won is on a whole different level, you’ll love and cry in some scenes with amazing emotions and acting of the casts. Not only main leads but supporting characters had a whole unique role and were played amazingly. 

The second leads, Kim Moo-jin and Do Hae-soo also had a lovely relationship together until the time they broke up during their high school year. Interestingly, when they showed up before each other after 14 years, they still had feelings for each other despite they were unable to confess. There’s more to tell, but you need to watch it for the best suspense and vibes.


This drama has only 3 vocal OSTs but they are beautifully sung by amazing artists like DOKO, Lim Yeon, Shin Young-jae (2F). And not only these but the instrumental background soundtracks are worth recommending, the background soundtracks are orchestral and these BG music are so elegant and good to hear, especially when you’re reading a book while it’s raining outside. Lyrics of the vocal OSTs matches perfectly aligns with the story, especially for complicated situations Hee-sung faces.

Video Credits: Stone Music Entertainment

The drama aired from 29th July 2020 to 23rdSeptember 2020 every Wednesday and Thursday. This Drama bagged Lee Joon-gi with Asia Artist award and Best Artist Award in AAA (Asia Artist Awards) 2020. This drama is a must watch for people who love crime, mystery, thriller and romance dramas. The emotions, acting, visuals and everything are at its peak, which makes it special in its own way. Every scene is embedded with a huge suspense. In fact, this drama had one of the best endings.

Why you should watch?

This series makes you curious at every step. Every episode has a cliff-hanging end making the viewer curious about what’s next. Lee Jon-gi has very well portrayed the role of Do Hyun-Soo. His character was sometimes very confusing where we don’t know if he is a sociopath or a psychopath. Then there were the father-daughter moments that made you love the little girl. He very well portrayed the want to feel loved as his character had a really dark past. The suspenseful game of cat and mouse catches the attention of the viewers. A cute father-daughter relation also makes your heart melt. I would highly recommend this drama if you are looking for some thrill, murder mystery with a little melodrama.

Aren’t you curious and excited about how Do Hyun-soo’s life will change? To experience the mystery and the suspense you must watch “Flower of Evil.” Recently, this series has also got its own Indian adaptation, “Duranga.” What are your thoughts on it? Tell us in the comments!

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      Lee join gi is my favorite korean actor… He is a singer dancer nd a good human being…. Whn i saw the trailer I was so mesmerised by it nd whn I saw the drama… Oohhh my god…. His acting was just amazing in the drama nd it was full of suspense…. I loved it… Thanks fr writing about thz

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      hope u liked this article and give this drama a watch ❤️ 🙌

  2. It is one of my fav drama containing crime, thriller, romance with a lot of twists and ofc amazing OSTs. Well written review! Definitely a must watch.

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    the way Lee Joon gi’s personality transitioned at scenes and got me on my toes oh my god ! I’m glad i was able to write about it <3 i hope the people will enjoy and will get on their toes as i did while watching ❤️ (watch out for worst cliff hangers and plot twists huhu)

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    This drama has an amazing plot and plot twists and I loved the ending of the drama. I felt mixed emotions while watching this drama. Thank you for letting people know about this drama by reviewing it.

  13. One of the best, most cohesive Kdrama shows ever. This is a brilliant show consisting of all things that make a drama stand out. Good mixture of genres from nail biting suspense thriller to heart wrenching love story.

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    I have watched it. This drama is a master piece 🙂

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