K-Movie Review: Fabricated City

Krishna Kishen, New Delhi

Fabricated City is a 2017 South Korean action-thriller movie directed by Park Kwang-hyun. Starring one of the most celebrated action actors Ji Chang-wook as Kwon Yoo and the incandescent Shim Eun-kyung as Yeo Wool. If you are planning to watch a mind-boggling movie with enthralling suspense along with action, some lighthearted romance and longer than life friendships, then this movie should definitely be on your watch list! 

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Kwon Yoo is a former national Taekwondo champion who prefers spending most of his time gaming and napping. He makes a group of close friends virtually through his gaming routine, though he has met none of them in real life. His life swings upside down as he wakes up one morning with absolutely no memory of the past night and with charges of assault and murder of a young woman with all evidences edging towards him! Soon misadventures grips his life.

Following his mother’s death, he finds the actual killer and takes revenge on whosoever made his and his mother’s life destructive. He absconds the prison with his whip-smart plan and sets out to find his defending lawyer. During Kwon Yoo’s heist, his friends that he has made from online gaming join him to prove that he is innocent and is being framed. The story takes a lot of twists and turns as it finds the truth behind the complete fiasco that is bound to surprise the audience as well. 

With a never seen before mystery oriented plot, this movie will not disappoint you at any point. When I saw this movie for the first time, apart from the exhilarating mysterious storyline what kept me bound was the uncontrollably fond friendships. The virtually made profound friends that Kwon Yoo had were not only kind and sincere but also loyal till the end and it is all because Kwon Yoo saved their lives inside a video game. I found it fascinating that his friends had faith in him of not being guilty when the society raised suspicions.

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What you can expect?

Another aspect of this story that I absolutely loved was how the female characters were not represented stereotypically. They had their own storyline going and were far from any conventional methods. This movie was not a typical romantic movie either. Yes, the leads had their moments, but I love how the entire story never stopped and revolved around them. The goal of the movie was to reveal the truth, and I enjoyed how it always focused on the storyline instead of irrelevant themes. 

You must know some characters that everyone adores but are not in the leads? We, the Korean movie and drama fans, call it as Second Lead Syndrome. They might just have a small contribution to the show or movie but whenever they come on screen, we fall in love with their characters. Well, this movie will surely satisfy you in this aspect as well. You will definitely fall in love with the endearing African couple, the funny, clumsy yet smart supporting characters in Kwon Yoo’s gaming team and a said ‘killer’ trapped in jail along with Kwon Yoo.

Why you should watch?

I especially love how realistically they have documented the society and the world. Yes, we all love fictional Korean dramas where the world is shiny and bright but the society can be a thorn among roses sometimes. The writers have never shielded away from showing us the actual sides of the world. This movie is fantastic not only because I am the ultimate fan of Ji Chang-wook but this movie has really been one of those movies I could not pause or stop watching in between. 

Whilst the dramatic flair and the fantastic characters with phenomenal acting, this blockbuster will baffle you if you give it a chance. Overall, it’s a good paced with amazing visuals and action filled movie. Crossing between virtuality and reality in a world where anything and everything can be manipulated, watch Fabricated City and gear up to be flabbergasted! 

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PS: Happy Birthday Ji Chang-wook!

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    Nicely written… Commendable efforts.. already added this one to my list after reading through this ! Super Excited 😊

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