K-Drama Review: The Hymn of Death

Sanskriti Pun, Delhi

Unlike most of the K-Dramas whose stories are fictional, ‘The Hymn of Death’ is based on true events of the past. This drama beautifully portrays the devastating love story between playwright Kim Woo-jin (also Kim U-jin) and soprano Yun Sim-deok.

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It has a total running time of approximately three hours in the form of 6 episodes which is quite short when compared to a regular K-Drama. ‘The Hymn of Death’ also known as the ‘Death Song’ is a romantic tragedy drama that beautifully depicts the painful yet realistic love story. The cast is meticulously chosen which consists of Lee Jong-suk as Kim Woo-jin and Shin Hye-sun as Yun Sim-deok.

Yun Sim-deok was a singer and a stage actress who is also considered as South Korea’s first professional soprano. Sim-deok recorded the ‘Death Song’ (also ‘In Praise of Death’ or ‘The Hymn of Death) in Osaka by the Japanese Nitto recording company that ultimately became the first-ever Korean Pop Song in 1926. Kim Woo-jin, was a poet and playwright known for his works such as the ‘Wild Pig’ and ‘Leaving Home’. Woo-jin wrote under the pen name Kim Soo-san.

The story takes place during the Japanese colonial period where Yun Sim-deok, who hails from a poor family, is a music student studying in Japan and Kim Woo-jin is from a rich household who is sent to Japan to pursue his education. Kim Woo-jin is very passionate about his country and dedicates most of his works to write about the fall of the Joseon dynasty. Sim-deok meets Woo-jin when she joins a musical troupe that tours and performs in various places led by Woo-jin. As the drama progresses, love starts to blossom between Sim-deok and Woo-jin. After their last performance, Woo-jin asks his group to stay at his home before leaving the country, where everyone comes to know about a startling revelation that leaves Sim-deok heartbroken. Their ill-fated love story had to go through many obstacles in the drama.

Don’t forget to keep a tissue box nearby as this drama might make you emotional and leave you in tears. The OSTs, acting, dialogues, everything about this drama is just perfect. Some poems and quotes of this drama are just amazing. There are real-life references given from the original diary of Kim Woo-jin and certain melodies from the actual recording of ‘The Hymn of Death’ by Yun Sim-deok. I recommend this drama to every K-Drama enthusiast who is inclined towards music or have interested in poetry. Just give it a shot and you definitely won’t regret it! You can watch it on Netflix.

Check out the trailer of the drama if you haven’t seen it!

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  1. anshikaxox says:

    I watched this drama as soon as it released bcz it’s storyline is actually quite unique. Such a beautifully tragic drama

  2. taetae says:

    I love Lee Jong suk and Shin Hye Sun! Their chemistry is just perfect.

  3. ritika says:

    I haven’t seen this drama yet, but after reading this review I’m definitely going to!

  4. jasminek134 says:

    Sounds pretty interesting with unique plotline as it is based on real life events and people. Though I avoid watching tragic love stories, but I’m surely going to try watching this one 👌🏻

  5. Vanshika Mittal says:

    Woww! 😍❤

  6. adfghjj says:

    Niceuuu 😍😍

  7. shritae says:

    This is such a beautiful drama! I cried so much at the end

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  9. The chemistry between the leads was so beautiful! I loved them so much ♥️

  10. June says:

    On my way to watch this drama,❤ after reading this…

  11. Ashley Kumar says:

    I love this drama a lot ❤

  12. hallyufan135 says:

    I didn’t watch this drama, But I’ll watch for sure. I’m very much curious after reading the article. ❤️

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