K-Movie Review: Decibel

Priyanka Padala, Hyderabad, Telangana If action and adventure are your go-to genre, then ‘Decibel’ would be a good suggestion for you. It is a South Korean action thriller movie by ‘Monster’ and ‘Spellbound’ director Hwang In-ho. The cast comprises top actors like Kim Rae-won as Commander Kang Do-young, Lee Jong-suk as Captain Jeong Tae-seong, Jung…


Nandhini Lakshmi. M, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu What will you do when the dreams you see while you were sleeping start happening in your real-life?! “While you were sleeping” is a Romantic-Comedy, Fantasy, Legal, Thriller genre K-drama aired in the second half of 2017 with star-studded casts and cameo. “I believe you, because of who I…

K-Personality: Lee Jong-suk

Preeti Patil, Mumbai, Maharashtra Lee Jong-suk a model turned actor who is considered as one of the biggest Hallyu stars along with actors Lee Min-ho and Kim Soo-hyun across the world. The actor is mostly known for his acting in dramas like ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, ‘Doctor Stranger’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Pinocchio’, Romance…

The Popularity of Lee Jong-suk’s Café 89MANSION

Riya Choudhary, Delhi: Lee Jong-suk is one of the top actors in South Korea. He debuted as a runaway model and later joined the world of acting. We all know him as a handsome, charming, and talented actor, known for his works in School 2013, Pinocchio, While You Were Sleeping, W, Romance is a Bonus Book, among others.

K-Drama Review: The Hymn of Death

Unlike most of the K-Dramas whose stories are fictional, ‘The Hymn of Death’ is based on true events of the past. This drama beautifully portrays the devastating love story between playwright Kim Woo-jin (also Kim U-jin) and soprano Yun Sim-deok. It has a total running time of approximately three hours in the form of 6 episodes which is quite short when compared to a regular K-Drama. ‘The Hymn of Death’ also known as the ‘Death Song’ is a romantic tragedy drama that beautifully depicts the painful yet realistic love story. The cast is meticulously chosen which consists of Lee Jong-suk as Kim Woo-jin and Shin Hye-sun as Yun Sim-deok.

K-Drama Review: W – Two Worlds

I recently finished watching W – Two Worlds for the first time – four years after its release. Coaxed into trying it despite my reservations and initial hesitation, I soon realized it was going to be a memorable one that would find a spot in my folder of ‘Best dramas of all time’.

K-Drama Review: Romance Is a Bonus Book

Riya Chaudhary, Delhi Romance Is a Bonus Book is a 2019 tvN K-Drama that revolves around the lives of people who work in a book publishing company. The main leads of the drama are, Kang Dan-i (played by Lee Na-young), and Cha Eun-ho (played by Lee Jong-suk).