K-Album Review: INFINITE’s Infinite Only

Ashley Kumar, Delhi

Legendary K-Pop group INFINITE released its 6th mini-album called Infinite Only in 2016. As expected from the masters of synchronization, the news of the album spread like wildfire in the K-pop industry and was well received by music lovers. This album won accolades at various music chart shows, and it remains a masterpiece for their fans, Inspirits, and for other fandoms. A closer analysis of this album opens the door to an entirely different world. The album consists of 7 tracks that have their colours and charms.

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‘Eternity’ is the first track in the album. It serves as an intro song. At first, it may not appeal to people much because it is an instrumental song, but it gives a brief idea about the title track, ‘The Eye’. It sounds extremely dramatic and leaves people on a cliffhanger. Here is the instrumental track.

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The second track is called ‘The Eye’, which is also the title track. ‘The Eye’ is a reference to the center of a typhoon. Just like this part is relatively calmer than the rest of the parts, the members express how they are calm after a breakup with their significant other. They add that the memories still linger, and their inability to escape from them results in them being trapped inside. This song was ahead of its time. The chorus is powerful and addictive and is accompanied by such strong lyrics that makes the listeners appreciate them. And not to forget the amazing vocals of the members that keep you hooked.

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‘Air’ is the third track in the album. Just like the previous one, this song talks about the feeling of being trapped and their longing for their significant other. It presents the uniqueness of the members’ voices through strong Dubstep and EDM. Hoya’s intro is significant, and Woo-hyun also displays his skills with his flawless falsettos that is difficult to do in an EDM-dominated song. Overall, it’s a beautiful song!

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The fourth track is called ‘One Day’. Though the lyrics carry a sense of sadness, it is a passionate ballad worth listening to. This song is composed by Hoya and is full of beautiful vocals, which makes us wish that it was a never-ending song. It gives off rock-ballad vibes that fill the listeners’ hearts with softness. The best part of the song is L’s (Myung-soo) high note which shakes us to the core.

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‘True Love’, the fifth track, sounds casual at first but gets intense as it proceeds further. The chorus that is sung by all the seven members carries a jazzy vibe that sets it apart from all the songs in the album. ‘True Love’ talks about how their significant others won’t be able to find another person like them because they remain the significant other’s first and true love. A melodious and mesmerising composition, the rap at the end gives a beautiful end to the song.

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‘Thank You’, meant for the fans, is the sixth track in the album. This song is also called ‘Monologue’. Through this track, the members express their gratitude to each other and Inspirits, their fans. They promise to be there when it gets tough and to celebrate each moment of happiness. The lyrics depict how they will treasure this time forever with their fans and the members. This song is full of melodious vocals, and Dong-woo, who finishes the song with a heartfelt ‘Thank you’, leaves us with a smile on our faces. This song is the favorite of Inspirits around the world.

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The seventh and the last track called Zero expresses how it is hard for them to get over their first love, and they try to persuade the significant other that it is no coincidence that they met in the first place. It is a roller coaster of emotions, and the vocals add to the charm. It has an EDM-based instrumental which grabs your attention as soon as you hear it, and Woo-hyun finishes the song with a perfect high note.

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This album is proof of INFINITE’s hard work and spectacular talent. This comeback was anticipated by Inspirits, and it gave us record-breaking results. Everything, from the lyrics to the choreography, had that perfect INFINITE charm. This album will forever be a true masterpiece.

Have you heard any of their tracks? Share your thoughts with us.

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