K-Drama Review: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Sanskriti Pun, Delhi

A masterpiece in itself, this drama won the Korea Brand Awards in the K-culture Pride category and also fetched numerous awards at different award shows. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a 20-episode series that aired in 2016. It narrates the tragic tale of a young girl from the 21st century who is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty and finds herself caught between the politics that governs the royal household.

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It’s a memorable drama. The storyline is near perfect, and the characters will make you fall in love with them. This drama has an amazing cast that includes popular actors and K-pop idols. Before I start discussing the plot, I will introduce the princes to you so that you won’t be confused because there are *ahem* eight in total.

  1. Kim San-ho as Wang Mu: As the eldest of the eight princes, he is chosen as the crown prince. Though the viewers don’t get to see him much, he manages to leave a mark in all the scenes he is present in.
  2. Hong Jong-hyun as Wang Yo: He is the third prince. As one of the princes battling for power, he is fierce in his approach. You’ll be filled with emotions of anger and fear while watching him on screen.
  3. Lee Joon-gi as Wang So: He is the fourth prince – the black sheep of the royal household. A much-feared mystery, not many are aware of his sad and painful life.
  4. Kang Ha-neul as Wang Wook: He is the eighth prince. A kind-hearted person who is loved by the masses, you’ll find yourself falling for him, too.
  5. Yoon Sun-woo as Wang Won: The ninth prince, he is a side-kick of the crown prince, Wang Mu.
  6. EXO‘s Byun Baek-hyun as Wang Eun: He is the tenth prince and the most childlike. Relatively young, he is loved and adored by everyone. Though he is present to provide comic relief in the narrative, you’ll root for him when he bravely stands up against the ones in the wrong.
  7. Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek-ah: He is the thirteenth prince who is inclined towards music and art. He is quite mature and has a lovable personality.
  8. Ji Soo as Wang Jung: The fourteenth prince who always speaks his mind and is not afraid to stand up against injustice. He loves martial arts a lot!

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo starts with Go Ha-jin, played by IU, a 25-year-old woman living in present-day Seoul, who is transported back in time during a full solar eclipse. Waking up in the Goryeo Period, she finds herself in the body of a girl named Hae Soo. Later, she falls in love with Wang Wook, the eighth prince. Amidst plots to claim the throne and heinous crimes, enters Wang So, the fourth prince. Feared by the masses and hated by his kin, his introduction to the narrative opens many wounds and marks the start of many battles.

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An engaging drama, fiercely splashed by raging emotions, it reminds the audience that life is not a bed of roses. There are times when you have to fight for what is rightfully yours and also when you should give up because you cannot keep up with the fight anymore. It’s a drama that will keep you on your toes. The actors perform their parts well, and the OSTs are melodious. You’ll remember the drama forever and keep longing for another season. Overall, this drama is a concoction of emotions, ranging from happiness to anger to heartbreak and frustration.

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I would recommend you all to definitely give this drama a chance not only because of the amazing storyline, but also because it teaches us many values and philosophies of life that are extremely useful when dealing with problems or obstacles. Though the story is a work of fiction, the characters are based on people who lived during the Goryeo period. So, if you are a fan of history or want to know more about the Goryeo period, then this drama is for you. What do you think of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo? Pen down your thoughts if you have seen the drama!

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  1. susmitanj says:

    interaction between Baekhyun and IU was really funny.. in this drama.

  2. jasminek134 says:

    Both the review and the storyline of the drama are perfect!!

  3. gauransharma says:

    I really loved how you summed up the drama, I watched it a long time ago and already forgot about all the princes which you described very neatly and precisely. This review makes me want to watch it again now.

  4. Seema says:

    Love this drama… 😍 and iu’s performance in drama uwwu 😍❤️❤️

  5. I am waiting for season 2 for the past 3 and half years 😭😭

  6. Suba says:

    Nice review

  7. Ohmygod I cry every time I just think about this drama😭♥️ it is just so painfully beautiful

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