K-Drama Review: Extracurricular


Abhipsha Rana, Kolkata, West Bengal

Extracurricular is a K-drama released on Netflix on April 29, 2020. The story revolves around the life of a high school student, who gets steeped into the world of serious crime and illegal activities and starts living a double life while mitigating the crime world and high school.

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This drama stars Kim Dong-hee as Oh Ji-soo and Park Joo-hyun as Bae Gyu-ri. This drama is a top-notch attempt at showing how the world of crime works and how dangerous it can get. The story becomes more interesting when a top student Oh Ji-soo, running an illegal business, is caught by one of his classmates, Bae Gyu-ri, who starts blackmailing him. Extracurricular has really pulled off the true meaning of an intense drama. This series has shown what fear can lead to, what could happen if one continues to keep committing crime, and how money can affect one’s life.

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The male lead, Oh Ji-soo, is shown as an ideal student who gets full marks and never causes any kind of trouble in school. He just wants to graduate his high school and get admission into a college so that he can get a job and live a normal life. He takes this risk of getting involved in illegal activities so that he can afford his living expenses, and can save money for his college tuition. His double life seems to run without a hitch until he meets the rich girl Bae Gyu-ri and a reckless troublemaker Seo Min-hee, played by Jung Da-bin.

The female lead, Bae Gyu-ri, the classmate of Oh Ji-soo, belongs to a rich family who was going to be the CEO after her mother in the future. She is a rebel and has secrets of her own. After she finds out Oh Ji-soo’s ‘extracurricular’ activities, she gets intrigued in his life and starts watching each and every step that he takes.

The interaction between Gyu-ri and Ji-soo is not only intense but also quite interesting as they experience a lot of emotions like fear, excitement, affection, care, frustration, anger, and especially the struggles that teenagers go through in their daily lives. This drama shows how they deal and combat with their fear together, as the chemistry between them develops.

If you like crime-based drama, then this series is a must-watch as it will make your heart skip a beat. This drama is sure to take you on a roller coaster ride filled with intense emotions. One moment, you would be hating a character and then another moment, you will find yourself appreciating that character. The entire cast of this series has shown amazing acting skills that make this series worth a watch. I was so engrossed in this drama, packed in 10 episodes, that I did not even skip the theme song every time it was played.

This is a much-recommended series for the fans of dark concepts as it will surely not disappoint you. And most importantly, this show is a reminder of why it is best to consult and talk to an elder or an expert if anyone goes through or is a victim of youth crime. This series is available on Netflix. Have a look at behind the scenes! Don’t forget to comment down your views after watching it!

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