K-Song Review: ‘Yours’ by Raiden X Chanyeol (ft. Lee Hi, Changmo)


Susmita Sanyal, Kolkata, West Bengal

‘Yours’ is a much-loved track that released on May 12, 2020. A collaboration between DJ Raiden and EXO‘s Park Chanyeol, the track also features Lee Ha-yi and Ku Chang-mo known by their stage name as Lee Hi and Changmo respectively. It had created quite a buzz ever since the collaboration was announced. The subsequent unveiling of the teasers only added to the fervour.

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‘Yours’ seems to be a song sung by a person who has developed and nurtured his feelings of love for a long time. Though the song maintains an easy-going vibe and the lyrics are simple yet beautiful, it has such a soothing melody that will remain etched in your memory.

The artists have done a fabulous job of creating a masterpiece. Chanyeol, who is a well-known rapper, has blessed his fans with his equally comforting vocals time and again. He recreates the magic in ‘Yours’ as well. It is one of those songs where his fans get to witness his vocals and rapping along with his enchanting visuals. Lee Hi’s melodious voice complements him well. She’s a gem! She hits the notes with such ease. Rapper-Producer Changmo and DJ Raiden are the icing on the cake. The two return to their roots and add to the song in their styles. The song, that is nothing short of a balmy spring breeze during difficult times, lives up to the buzz that surrounded its release. Even Raiden mentioned that he intends ‘Yours’ to be a song that shows love and care towards each other while facing tough times.

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The song is aesthetically pleasing as well. In the music video, Chanyeol can be seen hanging photos on the wall that depict different seasons, signifying that his love only grows stronger as time passes by. He wishes to show the people how one can wait for the one they love rather than force them to come to them. This track is incomplete without the mention of the lyrics that hit the listeners hard. Here are a few that I’d like to explain in detail.

Knowing nothing about the future

Waiting for someone who may not return to you and staring at the blank future with not a flicker of hope is shattering. But the fact that the one waiting can convey his/her sincere promise that he/she will remain there, still waiting, is reassuring. It highlights the selflessness and purity of love.

As if I was locked up in darkness

This feeling seems to go deep with each proceeding line. At the same time, it also seems depressing as people try to find love and happiness knowing that they may be running towards darkness. It signifies how love stories can have both happy and sad endings.

I will take up all your tears, I want you for no other reason

Restating the idea of selfless love, this line shows how true love means caring for someone without expecting anything in return, and not to leave them when they face their worst time. This line also resonates with the fans who always wish the best for their idols.

Overall, this song is a treat to the ears. It shows how, at times, one does not want to wake up from their dreams because they may be hit hard by reality, but is also a constant reminder that no matter how things change, true love will always prevail.

‘Yours’ also has an acoustic version that is equally appealing. Mashed up with Lee Hi’s vocals and Changmo’s rap, the song is simply fabulous. If you are someone looking for something light, you should check this out.

Video Credits: SM TOWN

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