K-Album Review: INFINITE’s Top Seed

Mehak Sharma, Delhi

Boy group INFINITE made their comeback as OT6 on January 8, 2018, with their third studio album titled Top Seed. The long-awaited and highly anticipated comeback came after Lee Ho-dong, better known as Hoya, left the group in 2017, and Kim Sung-kyu recovered from his injury. The album consists of 12 tracks with ‘Tell Me‘ being the title track. This album is a masterpiece, serving a variety of genres. Here’s my review of the album.

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With a smooth yet ardent start, this is a perfect prelude to the title track and also maintains the anticipation for it. BLSSD, formerly known as Bee from Rphabet, wrote and composed this instrumental track. A slow composition that slowly builds up, this track, lasting for 1.30 minutes, is worth listening to.

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Tell Me

Tell Me‘, the title track, is completely different from the previous title tracks by INFINITE. This song has a chill vibe to it and is also perfect for a dance break. Written and composed by BLSSD, it uses an auto-tune for the hook, which compliments the song well. The bridge is repetitive but sweet, and Nam Woo-hyun’s high note brings back the song to its original pace as it proceeds to the end. This song is interesting and highly addictive!

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Synchronise‘ starts with an enticing guitar accompanied by Kim Myung-soo or L’s sweet vocals. The song is a blend of pop and EDM, which makes it even more vibrant. The ‘yeah yeah yeah‘ part helps to make the necessary build-up for the chorus as it is quite heavy as compared to the rest of the song. The lyrics are extremely sweet as they talk about bringing about changes or adjustments in their lives for their better half so that they can synchronise and live harmoniously.

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No More

This ballad is one of a kind. It is full of intense vibes that go well with the sad lyrics as they depict pain and regret. This feeling deepens in the second verse where Myung-soo gives a soft edge to the song, while Woo-hyun utters ‘Wish no no more‘ in a low tone, making the song brighter. Furthermore, hearing Sung-kyu’s high note is a different experience in itself.

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TGIF‘ is a solo by Jang Dong-woo, who wrote and composed this song with GALLERY. This is a chill song best enjoyed during a long drive with your friends. The song is a blend of modern R&B/pop, and you’ll find yourself grooving to the beats. It is an upbeat and cheery song just like the artist’s personality. And watch out for his falsettos!

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Pray (기도) (메텔의 슬픔)

Pray‘ is the sixth track and is written and composed by SWEETUNE. The song is quite interesting because of its mysterious start. It reminds me of a historical drama where the members are expressing their feelings. The rap part is catchy and acts as a climax of the drama. This song sounds extremely dramatic and vintage, making it an interesting piece.

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Why Me (왜 날)

This sentimental ballad from the album is heavy on emotions and heavenly voices. The vocals are spot on! The composition and arrangement of the song is passionate, and one can feel each word being sung. Sung-kyu and Woo-hyun’s duet in the bridge along with Myung-soo and Dong-woo’s soft voices makes the song more beautiful.

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Wind (분다)

Wind‘, the eighth track, sounds like a classic INFINITE song. A peppy song, it starts with a sweet whistling and acoustic guitar and is perfect when going on a holiday. The use of the violin, especially in the pre-chorus, helps to create a joyous moment. Though the song ends abruptly with the tik-tok of the clock, I enjoyed it a lot.

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I Hate

This rock song won’t let you sit still, so get ready to play the air drums and the guitar while listening to this one. ‘I Hate‘ starts with a mighty guitar play and is heavy on instruments. The transition from singing to rap and vice versa is worth noting. Dong-woo’s rap plays an important part in building the sensation, and the way he spits ‘I hate‘ is full of hate and anger.

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Reminisce (지난 날)

Reminisce‘ is the tenth track and is written by Myung-soo along with Jeong Min-ji. A solo by Myung-soo, it is a melodious composition, and he is able to convey the emotions well. It is mellow and soft as if he is telling a sad story while reminiscing. And not to forget the high notes that are nothing short of being blissful. His voice really goes well with this style of music.

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Love Song (고백)

Love Song‘, the eleventh track, is a solo by Lee Sung-jong. The lyrics of this track are quite sad as they talk about the feeling of longing to be with the other half.  Despite this, the song sounds exciting and cute. One may listen to this on a sunny day to brighten up the mood. This song also made me realise how beautiful and cheerful Sung-jong’s voice is.

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Begin Again

Another lively and rich track, ‘Begin Again‘ is the last one in the album. The lyrics express the willingness to forget about the past self and live happily with the loved one while looking at the future. Overall a peppy song, I liked the bridge the most because one can listen to all the members’ voices. This song offers a pleasant closure to the album.

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Have you heard the tracks from Top Seed? Tell us about your favourite tracks from the album.

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