Easily Available Korean Skincare Brands in India

Prianka Chaudhary, Delhi

Nowadays Korean skincare is really popular in India, and in order to cater to the demands of the customers here, a few Korean brands have opened their branches in some cities and also started their official websites.

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This comes after the Indian customers struggle to search for international stores or websites that could ship the required products to India. The lack of availability of stores in India despite high demand and the sky-rocketing customs and duty charges that burned a hole in the pocket of the customers made the Korean brands take notice of the plight. As a result, they considered India as a market worth investing in, and now, many companies, such as Nykaa, and other e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Flipkart, have been able to bring these products to India at affordable rates.

Let’s take a look at the five South Korean skincare brands which are easily available in India on various platforms.


Innisfree is a natural cosmetics brand created by Amorepacific Corporation in 2000, that aims to share the benefits of nature from Jeju Island. It is the first Korean cosmetics brand that entered India with its physical store in Khan Market, New Delhi, that was opened in October 2013. It is best known for its natural and eco-friendly skincare and beauty products, that are made from the natural botanical ingredients from Jeju Island.

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The Face Shop

The Face Shop is the second-most famous brand from Korea, famous for its skincare, makeup, and sheet masks that are available at a much affordable rate as compared to other brands. The Face Shop entered the Indian market in 2015 and established their presence online and offline. A subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care, it has a lot to offer, and its products are easily available in India.

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Tony Moly

Tony Moly is a cosmetics brand that is famous for its cute and different kind of packaging of the products. If you want a product with the cutest packaging, this brand is for you. The highlight of Tony Moly is their makeup range. Established in 2006, it has more than 800 stores in 15 countries. It was launched in India in 2019 when Nykaa started offering its products to Indian customers.

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It’s Skin

This is another brand which is easily available in India on many platforms. It does not have an exclusive platform from where you can buy its products. It’s famous for its green tea aloe range which is quite affordable.

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Etude House

A subsidiary of Amorepacific Corporation, Etude House is a cosmetics brand famous for its beauty products, mainly lip tints. It is the latest brand to be launched in India. While it does not have a physical store here, its products are available exclusively on Nykaa.

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There are many other brands which are now available in India on various platforms. Though there is a limited range of products available for many, the presence of them in the Indian market is enough for the customers. But we hope many Korean brands will consider India for more offerings.

Have you tried any Korean skincare product? Which one do you like the most? How difficult or easy was it for you to get hold of it? Tell us in the comment section.

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