6 Reasons to Watch the Romantic Variety Show: Heart Signal 3

Ritika Parmar, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

 “다시, 첫 사랑.”

“Again, first love.”

Heart Signal 3 is a variety show, now in its third season, where four men and four women spend a month together, while the panelists guess who will find love in the household. Started in 2017, the third part which premiered on March 25, 2020, is a complete package that rides high on romance, jealousy, heartbreaks, and friendships. This not only keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats but also increase their heartbeats. It might appear to be a plot taken from a drama, but the fact that it’s all true makes it more interesting to watch.

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Though the series has a fixed plot, finding love is not as easy as it seems. With the residents of the house making their moves, and the panelists who are always on the lookout, Heart Signal 3 is an exciting show. Here are 6 reasons why it is a breath of fresh air.

The Cast

The cast of Heart Signal 3 includes people from all walks of life. They meet each other on the first day as strangers. Even their occupations and ages remain anonymous so that the first impressions are not based on such factors. The audience gets to see sculptors, engineers, students, directors, and mechanics on the show! They are beautiful people with diverse personalities. As the show progresses, the viewers can’t resist but choose their favourites.

The Panel

The panel consists of six members who offer their views and comments on the relationships between the housemates. This season’s celeb panel consists of actor and television personality Yoon Shi-yoon, fashion model and television personality Han Hye-jin, Block B member P.O, singer-songwriter Lee Sang-min, lyricist Kim Eana, and psychiatrist and entertainer Yang Jae-woong. They are assigned the task of observing and decoding the heart signals and predicting the cast’s love lines at the end of each episode. They have different views and predictions, and their comments and discussions are quite insightful and sometimes hilarious. They also receive a love gemstone if they can predict the correct answer.

The Love Lines

The love lines are supposed to be predicted by the panel, but as a viewer, one can’t help but join in, trying to figure out the signals and predicting which resident falls for whom. Finding out who is sending subtle signals to whom and watching their love lives unfold is the exciting and fun part of the show.

The Catfish

The show begins with six members who are introduced to the audience at the beginning, and after a week, it becomes easy to predict the equations between the members. So, to stir the pot and add a little more drama, two new members are added at any time in the show. This new addition often leads to a lot of confusion but also kindles new feelings and connections.

The Anticipation

One has butterflies in his/her stomach while watching the members go on dates or go about their daily routine, all while getting to know each other. One finds himself/herself so engrossed in the lives of the members that the anticipation of waiting for the next episode is painful, to say the least.

The Relatable Scenarios

The feeling of extreme joy when a situation works out for someone, the sadness of watching someone get heartbroken in the case of one-sided love, or the giddiness of watching a cute first date is something that happens in people’s lives as well. And this makes the show completely relatable. As a viewer, it is impossible not to empathise with them and understand their feelings. This show makes us invested in the members’ lives.

So, what do you think of the show? Have you watched season 3? Tell us your thoughts.

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