The Popularity of Lee Jong-suk’s Café 89MANSION

Riya Choudhary, Delhi

Lee Jong-suk is one of the top actors in South Korea. He debuted as a runaway model and later joined the world of acting. We all know him as a handsome, charming, and talented actor, known for his works in School 2013, Pinocchio, While You Were Sleeping, W, Romance is a Bonus Book, among others. In addition to being an actor and model, he ventured into the world of business and now, owns a dining café called 89MANSION.

Photo Credits: 89MANSION

89MANSION is a 2-floor café and restaurant that was opened in October 2017 in Gangnam, Seoul. Lee Jong-suk had expressed his dream of having a café in the past and achieved this dream by opening 89MANSION.

He has personally decorated the exterior and interior of the café. It is extremely beautiful with a modern style. On a wall on the first floor, you can check out a message from the actor to his fans, and on the wall near the stairs, you can find his calligraphy.

The café is on the first floor and has a small terrace and a glass wall that lets in a lot of sunlight which gives impressive vibes. The restaurant is on the second floor, designed in a simple modern style. The first floor is mostly used by customers who want to order coffee, pastries, or desserts, while the second floor is an extension of the café where you can find a spot to take photos, eat meals, or just lounge. Its signature menu items are 89 Latte, a latte with rich flavour topped with syrup and hand-made cream, and 89 Wasabi Cream Pasta, which uses wasabi to deliver a spicy taste that is liked by everyone. You can see the entire menu on the website, and it includes pastries, cakes, and sandwiches, among others. Other than food and coffee, they also sell souvenirs in the shop such as coffee beans, phone cases, canvas bags, mugs, and tumblers. You can also order them on their website.

Lee Jong-suk personally has visited the café many a time and obliged fans with pictures. His fans have also spotted him helping the staff by taking orders, handling the cash register, and brewing coffee for the customers. Sometimes, he is also spotted chilling at the café with his staff and friends. So, 89MANSION is a must-visit-place for fans when visiting Korea because if they get lucky, they might meet him at the café. However, due to the pandemic, he was forced to stop the operations at his café. 89MANSION is one of the many businesses that have been greatly affected by the wrath of the pandemic. The café’s official Instagram account posted a statement regarding the same. The statement divulged that the store wasn’t able to function in its normal capacity since the COVID-19 outbreak, and they have been gravely affected by the pandemic. It was closed on September 14, 2020, that is, on Lee Jong-suk’s birthday.

We hope that they can operate when things eventually get better in the future.

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