K-Drama Review: Extraordinary You

Shailly Singh, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

“You won’t remember even if I tell you. The scene will change soon.”

This dialogue is both impactful and a major spoiler in the series. Extraordinary You is a K-drama, that is a live-action adaptation of the webtoon, July found by chance. The drama comprises 32 episodes and stars Kim Hye-yoon, Kim Seok-woo, better known as Rowoon, Lee Jae-wook, Lee Na-eun, Jung Gun-joo, Lee Tae-ri, and Kim Young-dae. As a manga and webtoon lover, this plot feeds my biggest fantasy – ‘what if I wake up one day to realize I am in a comic book.’

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The story of this drama is unique. Eun Dan-oh, played by Kim Hye-yoon, is a bubbly school-girl, living her life to the fullest despite having a health complication. She is engaged to her long-time crush and has a doting father. However, events unfold as she notices gaps in her memories. She feels as if the days have gone by, but she does not have a single memory of them. In the pursuit of the truth, she meets Dried Squid Fairy, played by Lee Tae-ri, who seems to be a know-it-all about Dan-oh’s situation. After encountering the ground-breaking truth regarding her existence – that she is merely a side character in a comic book world – she takes the matter into her own hands and decides to change her fate. While doing so, she ends up finding Ha-ru, played by Rowoon, her fate changer. But how can this guy possibly be the answer to her life?

Kim Hye-yoon, without a doubt, has played the character of Dan-oh so amazingly that I cannot even complain how different the character sketch was in the drama as compared to the original webtoon. Dan-oh’s chemistry with Ha-ru and Baek Kyung, played by Lee Jae-wook, is something to look forward to. I loved Rowoon’s portrayal of Ha-ru in the drama more as compared to the webtoon. On the other hand, Baek Kyung emerges as an unprecedented character as the story progresses. He is sure to make you experience different emotions.

Reasons As To Why I Love This Drama?

  • The entire cast has done an applaud-worthy job in this drama.
  • The usage of colours that convey the minuscule differences as the scenes change is meaningful and worth noticing.
  • The background score, the theme song, the instrumentals, and the OSTs are phenomenal.
  • The constant character growth in this drama that progresses while sticking to the core idea of the plot is praiseworthy.
  • Shout-out to Lee Na-eun for her impeccable acting skills that broke the stereotype of a ‘damsel in distress’ character.
  • Last but not least, special mention to the author of the webtoon, Moo Ryuyee, without whom this beautiful drama would not have been possible.

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  1. riyarcworld says:

    I literally love the cast and story of this drama! Hope to see the leads together again

  2. Smriti. L says:

    The plot of drama excites me, will watch the drama soon!

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