Halloween with Hallyuism: Stories and Art Winners

Hallyuween Story 1: Forever Together

Written By: Nehal Tambe, Maharashta

Taeyong has been a great artist, this was what he was meant for in life and he was an ace. Everybody knew this. That’s why his team didn’t stop him when SM entertainment offered Taeyong a solo career and a world tour. They were supportive and let him have the chance. Taeyong went from country to country and place to place and was finally coming back after 6 months of touring the world.

The last two months had been so busy that his communications with his teammates reduced to almost nothing and the last one-month he hasn’t heard anything from them but he believes in his team and knows they must be working hard. As he lands in Seoul the first question he wants to ask his manager is where and how are his boys but he doesn’t because he already has a plan. He decides to surprise them. So he asks his manager to leave and says he’ll be heading on his own. The manager isn’t pleased but lets him do it thinking he’ll be going home.

Taeyong quickly takes a taxi to reach the usual SM building which to his surprise looks very different now. He hardly spots anyone in that huge building. He tries to call one of his teammates excited to confirm their location but the phone just keeps ringing which makes him feel they really are busy or practicing. Soon the elevator stops at the third floor and he walks out to see some people who just stare at him. Taeyong feels a little weird but just ignores to reach in their usual practice room. As he goes inside the sight just shocks him. Tears start to well up in his eyes. In front of him are not only NCT127 but all of his 22 mates. They all smile at him and reach out one by one to hug him as he starts to cry.

6 months staying away from his family. They’re all in chaos when his phone rings while he’s all in happy tears and distances from the chaos to reach towards the glass wall. “Where are you Taeyong?” his manager speaks. “I’m at the company building. Thought of surprising the boys. I’m so happy to see them.”

There is a pause on the manager’s side but then he speaks “I don’t know what you’re saying Tae but that can’t be possible..a month ago the building caught a huge fire due to a short circuit and NCT members were in there at that time rehearsing together.” Taeyong doesn’t even realize the chatter and chaos has died down, his face grows pale as he listens. “TY, we couldn’t save them as they were at the top. I’m sorry we couldn’t tell you as you would mess up your tour. The building is empty you should leave from there.

Taeyong freezes as he feels a hand on his shoulder “You’ve stayed away for too long, Yong.” The phone slips from his hands, and the faint voices of his manager ring through it. “Now we’ll never separate. NCT IS COMPLETE NOW“, Johnny whispers.

Shortly, the manager reaches the empty building only to find his phone lying in the room and Taeyong was nowhere to be seen again.

Hallyuween Story 2: The Curse of the Ripped Book

Written By: Riya Choudhary, Delhi

Whilst investigating the death of a local actor, a smart teacher called Lee Min-ho uncovers a legend about a supernaturally cursed, ripped book circulating throughout Seoul. As soon as anyone uses the book, he or she has exactly 87 days left to live. The Book contains a doomed few who appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look skeletal. A marked person feels like a sizzling dog to touch.

Lee gets hold of the book, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flash in his mind: a tender cat balancing on the head of an actor, an old newspaper headline about a hit and run accident, a hooded mouse ranting about arms, and a drinking well located in a creepy place.

When Lee notices his legs have dog-like properties, he realises that the curse of the ripped book is true and calls his friend, an author called Jung Eul-bom, to help.

Jung examines the book and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. He finds the tender cat balancing on an important actor particularly chilling. He joins the queue for a supernatural death.

Lee and Jung pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the hooded mouse. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?

To be continued…

Hallyuween Story 3: Better Left Unsaid

Written By: Aarshee Rana, Gujarat

This always happens around this time of the year, the dreams about darkness, I wake up startled, covered in sweat. I’ve already lost count on how many times this has happened this week.

John-hey! Are you okay? Why are you all sweaty?” Taeyong asked, I wanted to tell him, but no I shouldn’t; I should know better by now. I turn away from him pretending to be asleep when the truth is I haven’t been able to sleep this whole week.

I hear faint footsteps from Taeyong walking out of the room, that is when it happens… again. I know for sure this isn’t a dream, it’s too real to be one. This unfamiliar darkness that I have become familiar with this past week, I try to walk straight into it. I keep walking but I see no end, no light, just me walking aimlessly into this darkness.

This darkness doesn’t scare me anymore, it’s the part of figuring it out, that is what scares me. I try to become conscious, try to wake myself up, but doesn’t work. I try to scream for help but there’s no sound coming from me.

I’m awake now, I see my room, I can sense things again, I hear something, “How long do you think we’ll last?” Yuta asks, they’re all sitting in the kitchen.

“These dreams have become constant,” Taeyong says. But, how do they know about the dream!? “I just hope it’s longer than when this happened with you,” Taeyong says. I stop abruptly to listen to their conversation but I trip, everyone is looking at me, they’re looking at each other now, “Well it did last longer than me,” Yuta says laughing, “It’s time you join us, John.” They’re coming at me…

Hallyuween Art 1

Veethika Eeti

Hallyuween Art 2

Diya Jain

Hallyuween Art 3

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Halloween with Hallyuism Challenge. We appreciate all your efforts and support! Please look forward to many more events and challenges in the future. Congratulations to the stories and art winners!

-Team Hallyuism

Note: The name of events, places, and characters used in the stories and arts by respective writers and artists are for representation purposes only.

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