K-Song Review: IU’s ‘Eight’ (Ft. BTS’ Suga)

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Eight‘ is a digital single by Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU, that was released by EDAM Entertainment on May 6, 2020. The song is written by the singer-songwriter along with BTSSuga, and El Capitxn joins the two as the composer of the song. Upon its release, ‘Eight’ debuted at No. 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart and Billboard World Digital Song Sales and also earned the Triple Crown on SBS’ Inkigayo. The song received positive reviews from the audience and the music critics, and currently boasts of 105 million views on YouTube. This song has recently won the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) under the best collaboration category.

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A continuation of the age series, it also has underlying themes and references such as growing up, coming in terms with the present times and moving on. The song, a dedication to IU’s late friends as per some theories, also shows her reminiscing her days as a young girl and suggests meeting them in the beautiful memories – ‘There’s no fixed parting, see you in those beautiful memories.’ Though ‘Eight’ sounds cheerful and refreshing, the lyrics narrate a different tale that can unsettle the listener to some extent.

The song starts by questioning the listeners, probably her friends, if they are happy at present, now that they’ve escaped the cruel clutches of the world and aren’t in pain anymore. There are various references that act as proof of the presence of her friends in the video. Some fans interpret the girl in white to be late Choi Jin-ri or Sulli, now soaring high with the dragon, which is a reference to SHINee‘s late Kim Jong-hyun since he loved the character of Charmander.

The title of the song also has a lot of meanings. While some speculate it to denote Sulli and IU’s eight years of friendship and an ode to Jong-hyun whose birthday was on April 8, others also relate it to the symbol of infinity ♾. But in a recent interview, IU added that it symbolises the artists’ age as both IU and Suga turned 28 this year.

The song has a playful vibe and as pointed out by many, is perfect to listen to while on a long drive. But the lyrics, accompanied by the melody, can transport the listener to a world of nostalgia and appeasement. With its well-defined composition, the song will leave a bitter-sweet sensation that will make you cry but also bring a warm smile to your face. It’s like a comforting space for those drowned in nostalgia.

The lyrics are meaningful and heart-warming as well, and one can relate to them. In addition, IU’s soft yet strong vocals matched well with Suga’s raspy rap and vocals, create a memorable piece. The song fills the listeners’ hearts with emotions of sadness, anger, melancholy, grief, and hope.

The song came as a surprise to the fans of the artists, Uaena and ARMY, who did not expect such a result from the collaboration, but the artists managed to surpass their expectations. The only area that the song lacked in was the length of the song. I wish it had lasted longer.

You can listen to the song here:

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