Iridescent Namsan Tower

Misha Bharti, New Delhi

The N Seoul Tower, commonly known as the Namsan Tower or the YTN Seoul Tower, is located on the Namsan mountain in South Korea. It is one of the most iconic landmarks and tourist attractions and is something you can plan a trip for, to witness its scenic beauty. Being a K-Drama fan, it’s hard to resist the allure as certain places hold special meaning for K-Drama fans. Every fan dreams of heading to South Korea for the ultimate drama shoot locations, positivity, and its beautiful landmarks, like the Namsan Tower.

The Seoul Tower is a popular spot in Korea where named-padlocks are locked on the tower fence. It is stated as a symbol of eternal love and is among some of the popular shots that make every K-Drama fan want to visit and witness the beauty of the Namsan Tower. From the days of Gu Jun-pyo wooing Geum Jan-di from Boys Over Flowers, where they had their first bitterly cold date together, still remains an immensely popular drama scene.

Apart from the love locks, the N Seoul Tower also includes the digital observatory and the wishing pond on the second floor. People throw coins wishing for something and then those coins are collected and donated. The digital observatory on the other hand, is newly designed and offers a 360-degree view of the city. It also exhibits the history of Korea on LCD screens. N Seoul Tower is officially a communication tower and also the first radio wave tower of South Korea.

Seoul Tower lists as a prominent place among the world’s 500 attractions in research and broadcasting network. The tower is divided into many sections which include, Alive Museum, Cafés, Children Theater, Nursing room, Light Garden, Grass Terrace, Souvenir Shop, and many more. N Seoul Tower is a very popular tourist spot and one of the top must-see attractions for any travel itinerary.

The easiest way to get up the mountain is via the Namsan shuttle bus, but for a more scenic route, people opt the cable ride instead. It indulges in colour and illuminates the city of Seoul. The light in which the Seoul tower dips into is not only for aesthetic reasons, but it represents much more. It lets people know about the air quality as well. If the air quality is clean, the tower turns blue in colour, and that can be a connotation for, “it’s time for a walk today.”

The green colour of the tower represents the green nature of the Namsan mountain and the beauty of it. Red colour shines on Blood Donation day or when the air quality is bad so that people refrain from outdoor activities or wear masks outside. Furthermore, the lights of the tower are turned off for an hour on the occasion of Earth Day. N- Seoul Tower is a must-visit site in Seoul. The perfect place to have a spectacular panoramic view of Seoul under your feet. Watch the video for more:

Video Credits: Arirang TV

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