K-Event: K-Pop Online Dance Workshop by KFanzz Entertainment

Sriadita Emani (Hyderabad, Telangana), Sanskriti Pun (New Delhi) and Chandra Joshi (New Delhi)

KFanzz Entertainment, is an emerging Event and Public Management start-up based in Hyderabad, that focuses on organising events to increase the relationship and the growing love between India and South Korea. Since 2017, KFanzz Entertainment has been organising several successful K-events such as BTS Screening Event, Hyderabad’s Multi-fandom K-Pop Fanmeet, EXO Planet Screening, Charity Donation Events, Talent Project: Art Contests, The Journey of SHINee Screening Event, Korean Carnival, K-Drama Fanmeet, K-Pop Fandom Cover Contest, and InKo Cultural Center Event. Keeping in mind the pandemic, KFanzz Entertainment recently organised an online Dance Workshop on 25th April 2021. This workshop was held in partnership with OTT Entertainment, an artist management company based in South Korea.

The workshop was a paid event for a registration fee of Rs. 100. Here’s a walkthrough of the workshop which was also attended by Hallyuism Contributors: Ms. Sriadita Emani, Ms. Sanskriti Pun, and Ms. Chandra Joshi along with other participants.

Workshop Details

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Jong, who is a dance coach and trainer, and has also been associated with several K-Pop groups such as BTS, GOT7, Oneus and many more. Mr. Jong, has been the backup dancer for BTS ever since their debut in their music videos and many of the award shows including the World Tours. Moreover, he has also been associated with GOT7 and Oneus as their backup dancer in many performances as well.

The workshop started at 5 PM, and all the participants were allowed entry one by one at 5 PM through the remote meeting platform Zoom. The duration of the workshop was for one and a half-hour. The workshop commenced with a brief introduction with all the organisers. KFanzz Entertainment’s organisers explained everyone about the session ahead, and told how they are trying their best to keep everyone connected to the K-Pop world even during the pandemic. They also teased about a surprise after the session. The Honorary Consul General for South Korea in India also spoke a few words about South Korea and India’s friendship, the culture and heritage of both the countries.

Shortly, Mr. Jong addressed all the attendees, introduced himself, about his achievements which were very motivating to listen to. He said that anyone can dance if they have the passion, that inspired everyone to remain attentive during the whole workshop. He started the training with a basic warm-up first. He taught everyone how to stretch correctly before dancing. First, he started by teaching step-by-step moves with counts at a slow pace.

The song which was selected for the workshop was SHINee’s Heart Attack. The dance-steps of the song were taught to the participants one by one, and the way the choreography was being taught by Mr. Jong, it showed that he is really a great dancer. He then taught the choreography at different paces of the song, and then finally taught the choreography at the original pace of the song along with the music. After that, he made everyone dance together with him and then on their own.

Q&A and After Event Surprise

The workshop had a segment of Q&A wherein the participants asked their queries directly to Mr. Jong. He answered some of the many questions the participants had, such as how to prepare, how to make your body less stiff, and other important dance-related queries. He also asked everyone whether they had enjoyed the workshop. Since, K-Pop Dance moves are considered some of the most difficult choreographies to perform, Mr. Jong gave the students motivation and confidence by saying that they can do it too by putting in more practice. Here is a brief excerpt from the Q&A session:

Q: How do we keep our core tight while dancing?

Mr. Jong: You will only be able to keep your core tight while dancing if you practice more and more.

Q: How to make our dance moves clear?

Mr. Jong: For making the moves clear, feel the music. If you feel the music and dance, then your moves will be much clear and smooth.

Q: Which was the hardest choreography for you?

Mr. Jong: Idol by BTS.

Q: How many hours should we practice to make it perfect?

Mr. Jong: There is no fixed time. You need to put different hours for different choreographies.

Moreover, the event organising agency KFanzz Entertainment, also announced that there will be a dance contest based on the workshop lesson that were attended by the participants. After the workshop concluded, they asked everyone to send a one minute dance video showing the choreography they learnt from the workshop, from which they will choose 5 winners, judged by Mr. Jong himself, and they will be entitled to recieve gift hampers. They also asked for feedback about the workshop and asked to fill a survey as well.

Overall Experience

It was like a dream came true moment for us, as we never expected that one day we will learn from a dance-teacher from Korea. Overall, it was a good experience for us.

On behalf of the entire Hallyuism’s team, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to KFanzz Entertainment, OTT Entertainment, and Mr. Jong for organising this event, and giving fans all over India an opportunity to experience an event like this and learn. We look forward to many more such events in India.

Do let us know what kind of events do you all wish to participate in the future? Tell us in the comments.

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