Pan-Asian Restaurant: BOA Village.

Shristi Singh, Ranchi, Jharkhand

BOA Village which is short for Best Of the Asian Villages is a classy restaurant with rooftop ambiance and live music serving Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Indian Cuisines. It is an all-in-one Asian restaurant where everyone can order whatever Asian food they like. It’s a very convenient place for that friend/family group who have different Asian tastes including the Korean palette and are unable to go and eat out together.

BOA Village is situated in Civil Lines, New Delhi. It is famous among the youth for its chic-trending looks and how this place offers more than you can imagine. The restaurant’s décor is covered with Indian ethnic looks from the roof to the floor. But it’s the food served here which tells about the cultures of other Asian countries. 

The seating arrangement is really good; you can either sit inside the restaurant or sit on the rooftop. Most people prefer the rooftop as it gives a breath-taking view of Delhi at night and the non-stop music blasting from the DJ’s corner.

The menu is really great as well. Everything on the menu is fixed at affordable prices. As it serves continental dishes, its most popular dishes are:

Pad Thai Noodles

It is a stir-fried rice noodle dish. It is typically made with rice noodles, chicken, tofu, peanuts, scrambled eggs, and bean sprouts. The ingredients are sautéed together. Once the dish is complete, it is mixed in pad Thai sauce, which gives the dish its signature tangy salty flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Beijing Style Chicken Dumplings

These dumplings consist of minced chicken and finely chopped vegetables wrapped into a piece of dough skin. The dumplings are usually boiled, steamed, and fried. The spicy tangy sauce with which the dumplings are served is made up of soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili oil, chili flakes, minced garlic, sesame seeds, and sesame oil mixed in sugar solution.


Tteokbokki, also known as stir-fried rice cakes, is one of the most popular and must-eat Korean dishes of BOA Village. It is made up of rice cakes, fish cakes, boiled eggs, dried kelp, archives, and scallions, seasoned with spicy red chili paste or non-spicy soy sauce.

Traditional Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi is simply a sushi roll quite similar to Korean gimbap. It is a rolled sushi with seaweed on the outside and rice and fillings on the inside. Maki Sushi can be filled with raw fish, cooked fish, or other vegetables and sauces. It is served with pickled ginger (gari), wasabi, and soy sauce. Pickled Daikon (takuan) is a popularly garnished with this dish.

This was all about BOA Village. Tell me about your reviews about this restaurant in the comments below!

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  1. Anushka Gupta says:

    Amazing article….. reading this made me crave for korean food.

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    Sounds like a wonderful place to go and get a taste of Asian cuisine!

  3. All these dishes seem so delicious! This sounds like such an amazing place to try Asian food!😍

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    Mouth Watering article,the ambiance also feels very peaceful,nice article.

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    Wow🙌 The wide variety of cuisines😋 Are very tempting 🤤

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    That’s my kind of restaurant 😍 Hoping to visit it as soon as possible ✨

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    There are so many things to try and the interior. It looks so beautiful. I want to taste their food too. Wanna see how good are their dishes…. reading this article made me crave for it….will visit this awesome place once I go Delhi.

  11. mehaksharma2803 says:

    I’ll definitely give this place a try 🥰

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  13. IndiaNetzone says:

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