Seoul Lantern Festival 2021

Ekta Aggarwal, New Delhi

The Seoul Lantern Festival (서울빛초롱축제) held yearly for the past thirteen years is a vivid celebration of lights in South Korea and is one of the most famous celebrations across Seoul. It is one festival celebrated in Seoul that you should see to encounter astonishing sights! The festival is organized by Seoul Tourism Organization and is sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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Since its origin in 2009, it has become one of the famous celebrations of Seoul that happens each November. The celebration’s subject is diverse consistently, yet the one thing that stays steady is an enormous number of paper lamps and LED figures along the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

You will see lights on the 1.3 Km long way that runs along the Cheonggyecheon Stream. There are numerous different things to see en route, from Cheonggye Plaza to Supyogyo Bridge. Also consistently, around 3 million guests come to see and partake in the Seoul Lantern Festival. Many other countries conjointly show their lamp decorations during this competition, together with the USA and China. The lanterns follow the annual theme, stories from Korean traditional knowledge, and plenty of others. Even individuals launch their paper lanterns from a little section of the stream.

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This year’s Seoul Lantern Festival 2021 started on 26th November and will continue till 5th December 2021. The theme “Forest of Healing, colours of the Seoul” is ideal for the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the people are looking out for some hope. The festival celebration aims to heal and provide peace to all who are tormented by the after-effects of the worldwide pandemic. You may be ready to relish the lights on the Cheonggyecheon stream between 05:00 to 09:00 within the evening.

Along with offline participation, there’s an internet event for people who can not take part in the competition physically. There’ll be 10 completely different types of AR Lanterns that may feature within the on-line exhibition. It will conjointly embrace the winning entry from the 2021 Seoul lamp competition ‘Hanji lamp style Contest. For more details, check:

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