Beat the Heat with Subak Hwachae

Amratha C.S, New Delhi

And yes, another year of scorching heat has started in India and I am pretty sure you all must be doing your research on how to endure it. A big role in enduring this heat is played by watermelon, the perfect tropical fruit which is almost found anywhere very easily and for a very cheap price in your nearby market. Can’t deny that there is no other fruit to make your tummy full as well as quench your thirst at the same time for sure! As many of us are stuck with academics or work at home ever since the pandemic I thought why not let you all know my secret on how I endure summers without much of a complaint. And it’s not a secret but a common thing for South Korea’s population as well. They have a popular summer drink called subakhwachae (수박화채) in simple words Korean watermelon punch. Here “Subak” translates to watermelon in Korean and “hwachae” is a traditional Korean punch. It tastes not only fresh but light and refreshing. You can trust me as a person who has been having it for the last 7 years. 

Picture Credits: Amratha C.S

In 2015, one random afternoon I was basically so bored while lying down in my junior’s hostel room taking a break from my lectures which is when I scrolled through YouTube and found this easy, awesome and refreshing drink. Couldn’t wait to run back to my apartment to try it out. Since then, making this for myself and my people is like a summer custom I have had with me. Back in the days, the Korean punch base was made using sugar or powdered honey in water but as times passed by people like us now just opt for drinks such as Sprite or like me add some milk as well for some fun. Trust me it adds a certain depth to your drink. In South Korea, the most common soft drink in actuality is Chilsung Cider which is more or less equal to Sprite or 7 Up which is easily available here in India.

Did I tell you the highlight of this drink yet? No, I guess. So the best and loveliest part of this drink is that it will barely take you 5 minutes to prepare it and have a sip of this exhilarating drink. Below I am going to tell you how to make your own glass of Subak hwachae. Don’t miss it out!

Ingredient for 1 glass

Watermelon (balled or cubed)

Sprite, soda or ginger ale (refrigerated)

Honeydew melon (balled or cubed) – Optional


Milk (chilled)

Mint for décor (I use it only when guests are there to drink it)

Ice cubes as per your need

How to Make it

1.     Take in a glass and put in your ice cubes as much you desire but not too much, as it could ruin the taste of the punch.

2.     Drop the balled or cubed watermelon and other desired summer fruits you like in the glass.

3.     Pour the honey over it

4.     Fill half of your glass with the soft drink of your choice let it be Sprite, 7 up, Chilsung Cider or ginger ale

5.     Add in the chilled milk and give it a good stir and finally decorate it with the mint.

There is your fancy yet easy summer drink ready and you are all set to beat the heat with subak hwachae made by yourself.

Video Credits: Amratha C.S

Few final words, if you are into making it fancier for your upcoming house or summer party add in some rice cake balls, and other fruits like mango or berries. Play around with different summer fruits and as a grown-up if you want to add some soju nobody is stopping you from that. Enjoy summers with Subak hwachae this summer and upcoming summers as it’s not expensive like what you order from those fancy restaurants takes basically 5 minutes and has the summer refreshment and flavour you have been looking for. So, why not give it a try now that we all are stuck at home waiting to experiment in our mum’s kitchen. Tell us in the comments what you think of this cool refreshing drink perfect for the summers!

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