Street of Youth – Itaewon

Khushi Vaid, New Delhi

Wandering the streets of Itaewon, you’d never guess that Korea is one of the most culturally homogenous countries in the world. Itaewon, located south of Namsan Mountain in the heart of Seoul, is home to the majority of immigrants in Korea, making it a unique blending pot of cultures and religions from all over the world.

Itaewon stands out in single cohesive Korea as a core of multiculturalism and diversity, with dynamic restaurants, a thriving LGBTQ culture, a diverse range of houses of worship, and what is possibly the world’s greatest public Halloween celebrations.

Itaewon today is flooded with concerts and clubs, bars and boutiques, religion, and freedom, unfettered by the conventions of Korean traditional culture that are as diversified and cater to worldwide tastes, drawing in a large number of additional immigrants and visitors. It is safe to assume that Itaewon is almost as well-known among foreigners and non-Korean residents than Koreans themselves.

The Seoul Central Mosque, as well as several halal restaurants are also located in Itaewon and a high number of US members of the military may be seen here due to the adjacent Yongsan Garrison.

Itaewon is renowned for being the location to go for foreign food. Restaurants serving food from throughout the world such as Indian, Pakistani, Greek, French, German, Italian, English, and Mexican, can be explored here.

Most Korean shops offer apparel that fits Asian figures nicely, but is too short for those with a “western physique.” Fortunately, many Itaewon shops offer foreign clothing in sizes that are difficult to get elsewhere in Korea. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, skilled tailors can manufacture personalized apparel. Itaewon also offers leather and fur products, luggage and handbags, jewellery, and antique furniture. Trinkets and souvenirs are also available making it the perfect place to buy gifts of all sorts.

Itaewon offers a unique opportunity to meet new people and taste new foods. This cosmopolitan vibe is what makes the area so appealing. The district was designated by the Korean government as a Special Tourist Zone in 1997 and have since then held the Global Village Festival every October. Itaewon is a vibrant and creative town thanks to its diversity!

Itaewon and its streets are just not an ordinary place, one can find an overwhelming wave of energy inside them just by entering the heart of Seoul. While penning this down, I personally felt eccentric about Itaewon and of course, Korea! Whenever you plan to visit Korea, do not forget to jump to this place and feel the most astounding experience ever in the ardor of it! Bon Voyage K- Lovers! Would you like to visit here? Tell us in the comments.


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