Ahmedabad BTS Fanbase: Namkook Event

Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Ahmedabad BTS (@ahmedabad.bts) fanbase recently organised “Namkook Event” in Gujarat on the occasion of two of the BTS’ members: Namjoon (RM), and Jungkook. As their media partner, Hallyuism is bringing to you some of the details from this event, right from the organisers to the attendees who shared their experiences with us. Read ahead to know more:

Organiser’s Statement

Mahin Khan and Yashee

When did you start this fanbase?

This fanbase was started since 26th May 2022 and our first ever event was BTS 9th Anniversary event and I was thinking to start this fanbase since a very long so I started arranging things. Firstly, I wasn’t sure that we will get much support but it turned out really good as our butterflies supported us and I’m really thankful to them.

Why and how did you plan to organise this event?

As BTS’ members Jungkook and Namjoon’s birthdday was there in September so we decided to organise the Namkook event on 11th September so that we can celebrate their both birthdays together and create an opportunity where the Ahmedabad ARMYs can come together and enjoy.

At first we decided regarding which date should we keep our event. After the voting on our Instagram story, we decided the date 11th September, then booked the cafe and then shared our event details on our page. We had planned some activities to be included in the event such as 7-8 stalls were there: @shopkarnival (They came from Mumbai), @lilac.btss, @bangtanstore.7, @surat.bts (They came from Surat), @lavenderstudio, @kpopinmystore and few others.

How many people attended this event?

This time we had a really good experience as we had 105 ARMYs in our event. Everything went all good it was sunny during the start of the event, but then at the end it started raining suddently and so the performance at last was cancelled due to rain. We also realised that we needed to improve music system and some game activities.

Attendees’ Experience

Hir Shah: It was my first event and it was a really great event for me. I am glad that I came to this event. I met so many ARMYs and it was great to meet them. It was really fun in this event. Thank you for this event. Even my friend also like the event. It was my honour to come to this Namkook event.

Khadija Hakim: It was an amazing experience with a lot of fun. People there were very sweet and generous. Managers were very respectful and attentive and they made sure everyone was comfortable. It was a lot of fun meeting so many ARMYs and dancing with them. The food was delicious and the birthday celebration was amazing. There were stall too and freebies which was a surprise and everyone loved it. The prize were given to the best dressed and best performance. Every details of the event was focused and every facilities were taken care of. This was the first event I attended but now I won’t miss any event.

An ARMY shared, “Hello! It was really a great experience as ARMYs all around the Ahmedabad gathered together and celebrated this day as Namkook’s birthday. First of all, I would like to thank the manager who organised this event wisely and was there to look after every person who showed at event. I personally had a lot of fun dancing, eating, and enjoying with ARMYs especially. Even food there was delicious in taste and dancing there gave me Korean vibes and the stalls there were really adorable and also affordable to buy including freebies and products available there. I hope @ahmedabad.bts keep on organising events like this so that we ARMYs can gather and have fun time together. I loved the event and it was more fun than expected. Thank you!

Drashti: Hi! My name is Drashti and I am from Ahmedabad. Recently, I visited a Namkook Birthday Event which is organised by @ahmedabad.bts and it was amazing and actually this is my first event and it was very nice. I bought so many merchandise. The food was very nice and also I got freebies so it was a memorable day for me. I really enjoyed the event.

Overview of the Event

Overall, this event was a success as more that 100 ARMYs gathered together in Ahmedabad to have a day filled with fun and enjoyment. As a small token of appreciation for the guests, House of Hallyuism (@houseofhallyuism, A K-merch account) also sent over a freebie photocard for all the guests. At Hallyuism, we are truly amazed seeing how well the local and regional fanbases like @ahmedabad.bts are organising events at such a scale. We only look forward to more such K-events in the future.

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  1. Tirna says:

    I recently attended a namkook event in my city and it was rejuvenating. I was able to meet my fellow bts 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷s⟬⟭💜. It is great to read about the these events taking place in other cities. 💜💜💜

  2. mondalmoumita031 says:

    It’s really good to see such a wonderful event happening in our country like I also attended a namkook event happened in my city (Kolkata)which was really a memorable moment for me thanks to hallyuism india for giving us thz great opportunity💜

    1. Mamoni says:

      I’m really happy to see that in our country we have some kpop events.It’s spreading all over the country and I’m glad that because of @hallyuism_india💜 I attended a Namkook event in my city too💜

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  8. It feels great to see how fans are enjoying their time at such events.

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