K-Drama Review: Sweet Home

Aanchal Yadav, New Delhi

Sweet Home (스위트홈) originally a South Korean webtoon written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Young-chan was recently turned into a Korean drama by Lee Eung-bok, Hong So-ri, and Jang Young-woo. Released on 18 December 2020 on Netflix the drama in total has 10 episodes. The name of the drama, ‘Sweet Home’ has a bit of irony in it as it is the opposite of what its name suggests and that’s what makes it all so interesting.

Sweet Home became the first South Korean series to enter Netflix’s Top 10 in the United States, reaching the top 3. Three days after its release, the series ranked #1 in 8 regions and was within the Top 10 in 42 regions. The show was viewed by 22 million paid subscribers worldwide in the first 4 weeks of its release and appeared in the Netflix top 10 in more than 70 countries.


The Drama consists of a very strong and talented cast Starring Song Kang (송강), Lee Do-hyun (), Lee Jin-wook (진욱) And Lee Si-Young (이시영) and many other amazing actors. Director Lee Eung-bok revealed his views about the strengths of the main cast during an interview with, ‘World Today News’. He spoke as I quote, “For our lead actor Song Kang although he is a newcomer who has not had a lot of work. But I think he expresses his emotions and eyes without good lines. Most importantly, he can handle sadness very well. As for professional actor Lee Jin-wook, he can switch between various forms of visual communication. The highlight that amazes me is that he shows his eyes that convey both the emotions of the brutal and the emotions of the little boy at the same time. As for actress Lee Si-young, I told her before filming that if you exercise a little bit more, it should work out, which I really don’t force anything. But when we meet again, she comes with abs as she did in the trailer. Which looks very cool.”


The plot is about Cha Hyun-soo a suicidal high school student who shifts into the Green House apartment after his family dies in a tragic car accident. After moving into that apartment, he finds himself in the middle of an apocalypse surrounded by monsters with no way and no will to survive. Residents residing in the apartment including Cha Hyun-soo all try to come up with a plan to fight the monsters so that they can survive. The plot also explores the personal life of the residents and portrays how all of them lead different life. There are quite a few gruesome scenes that include the past of Cha Hyun-soo and how a mistake that he unknowingly made ruined his high-school life. Later into the drama, Cha Hyun-soo acquires a special ability/power that comes in handy.

Video Credits: Netflix

I personally am in love with this drama, the storyline, and the CGI effects. This is my first ever k-drama that belongs to the horror genre that I have watched and it’s safe to say that I’m not at all disappointed. To think the amount of time that went into putting together the CGI effects is completely mind-blowing, the effects make the monsters look alive if I didn’t know any better, I probably would have thought that such creatures do exist. The cast has done an amazing job in portraying the roles that had been assigned to them.

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My favourite character in the show would have to be Song Kang playing the role of Chan Hyun-soo. A kid that lost his parents at a young age has been through hell, has no will to live, and feels like he is all alone in the world. I’m sure many people can relate to him, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic we all are going through; I know I can but despite all of the hardships he still manages to survive and move ahead and so can we.    

You can read the interview with Director of Sweet Home’s director, Lee Eung-bol here: https://www.world-today-news.com/exclusive-interview-lee-eung-bok-director-of-sweet-home-series-that-you-need-to-look-at-before-you-talk-to-your-friends-the-standard/

So, a horror genre fan or not I’d recommend everyone to watch this drama and appreciate it for what it is.


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  1. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    Plot seems interesting ~ I will check this out.. Thank you for the review ~🥰

  2. Sunanda ghosh says:

    Thz drama is really good… I love songkand in tzh drama…. He is chumma… I loved it.. I’m waiting fr season 2&3 … I really wanna know what will happen…

    1. Mamoni says:

      One of my favourite drama and genre ❤

  3. Tirna says:

    The plot sounds very interesting and I was surprised that the drama is based on a webtoon. The article is wonderfully written. I will make sure to watch it.

  4. mondalmoumita031 says:

    I really like to watch thz kind of drama.it was already in my drama list thanks for thz great review I’ll watch it rn❤

  5. Sonali Singh says:

    I am definitely gonna watch this drama.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Look interesting. Added to watch list 🤭

  7. Sweet Home is like your plateau-breaker from your usual Korean romance drama, but is as equally entertaining and well-written as the latter.

  8. Miso says:

    Such a nice drama to watch with horror twist

  9. Horror genre fans must watch this drama! Well reviewed

  10. anishanath says:

    This drama was unexpectedly fantastic, all the scenes, the animations and everything was just so different. I have never watched anything like this drama.

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