K-Song Review: You Calling My Name by GOT7

Riya Rawat, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Song “You calling my name” by GOT7 (Album – Call my name) produced under the JYP label was released on 4th November 2019 and since then it has gotten more than 128 million plays on YouTube. One of the most famous songs of the group GOT7 showcases the members singing and dancing skills beautifully and will surely get you dancing in no time.

Picture Credits: JYP Entertainment

The song revolves around the story of a loverboy who mistreats his lover and now that she is gone, the loverboy aches in her memories and calls her name out in desperation and loneliness.

The music video ignites with the leader of GOT7, JayB, looking chiselled with a black long coat in sight. With his long wet hair look, Jay B performs his verse stating how he is very guilty of his mistakes and the scars that he has given to his lover. As the music picks the beat up, every member of the boy band comes alive with the touch of JayB in a beautifully captured choreography. The lighting of the shots is blinding and the silhouettes of the members are visible.

In the 2nd verse, member Bambam performs his intro in a very intense and unique style stating metaphors for his mistakes and the outcomes. All the spotlight is on him which makes his Thai features even more authentic. He claims to his sins in the verse, calls himself a fool, and wants to relive the gone moments with his lover.

Picture Credits: Naver Dispatch

The main chorus hits Ahgase’s (Igot7) impact fully as member Jinyoung with his serenading voice claims how he misses her lover calling his name and craves her voice. With twinkling eyes, Jinyoung’s voice is sharp yet soothing in the video. With member Jackson’s rap, the music video gets a boost of energy. Jackson also performs mesmerizing flips and dance choreography with an intense look in his eyes. With his heavy voice, it’s hard to take eyes away from such creative musical shots.

Even though members Yugyeom, Youngjae, and Mark didn’t get much screen time, they surely left fans craving for more of their singing. All of them in their solo verses propagate loneliness and sadness with their voices and with some beautiful expressions and emotions, they make viewers feel the characters even more.

Youngjae with his fringes and unique styled earrings looks like a real-life doll. Mark’s individual screen time was less than 20 seconds in total but he left a strong impression on ahgases. Yugyeom with his lean figure dances and picks up even the most difficult choreography effortlessly. 

Picture Credits: Mnet

With some heavy and interesting dance moves, all the members leave the viewers in awe with their synchronization and modern aesthetics. The dance choreography surely received a lot of appreciation worldwide and the hook step, the pelvic movement with hands on head, gave rise to multiple recreations on Instagram and TikTok. The look of the members in the music video was quite intense and bold. Leather jackets and wet chiseled hair look gave the members a chic and classy look which made K-pop fans drool over GOT7 even more.

Stunning tuxedos couldn’t make them look any more handsome than they were already looking in the music video. The music video is conceptualized in such a beautiful and strategic way that the green color, which represents the fandom, is shown dominating the music video.

Picture Credits: Naver Dispatch

You calling my name, well written and performed is a song very close to my heart and is one of the most beautiful works of GOT7. It reminds me of how strange and miserable some lovers can be, regretful and lonely. One of the main reasons for ahgases to connect with the video was that the music gave life to real stories which frequently happen in the life of Ahgases.

Video Credits: JYP Entertainment

People should give this charismatic song a try if they want to see the real potential of the group GOT7 as it complies with all the talent and hard work of each member and it showcases just how unique and talented each of them is. Give this song a try, if you haven’t already and you surely won’t be disappointed, GOT7 guaranteed!

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  1. Truly the best song to introduce someone into Got7 fandom😌

  2. The visuals in the mv were so good! and so is the song🤌🔥

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    Surely one of the best song by got7 💚💚

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    Love this song ❤️

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    One of the best song 😍😍😍💜

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    Got7 in the house😍😍😍 I really love them specially Jackson…. Thz song is really good… It may not be my ultimate favorite song bt its close to my heart…

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    Got7 is one of my favorite kpop boy group.. I like to listen their songs and this song is really amazing ~🥰

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    I heard this song and this is really great one and got7 Is one of the best kpop group out there .I’ll recommend this song to everyone❤

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    Well written article👏one of my favorite song of GOT7😍😍.

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    Seems an unique song , will definitely listen this song .

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    GOT7 songs are always energetic and very gripping. I liked this review and the way it focused on every member of the band.

  12. I swear this song will never get old to me.

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    This song is just amazing, this article is a very good guide to the song.

  14. GOT7 : the best group.. their songs are always mindblowing

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    I have been an Aghase for years now and You Calling My Name in my opinion is really one of the best GOT7 song. The disco but very jazzy vibe of the song. The vocals. The choreography. The looks the styles everything about this song is just lit really amazing. I really recommend everyone to hear this song. It’s really a must to listen to.

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