My Travel K-pop Playlist That Keeps My Anxieties At Bay

Ashley Kumar, New Delhi

Music is the best companion. Especially when you have to commute all alone to college, work, gatherings, have a flight to catch, etc. I listen to music too during my commute to work via the Delhi Metro and it takes me 50 minutes to reach there. So naturally, I have a playlist for it which has over 30 songs. Here are 10 of them and why I listen to them!

‘Be’ by Eunhyuk (Super Junior) – ‘Be’ is Eunhyuk’s single which is written by himself. It’s a song which is full of sweet melodies and beautiful vocals where he preaches the message of not giving up to his younger self. This song never fails to provide me with comfort and whenever I start doubting my choices or feel that I’m not doing good enough, this is the song that gets me through it.

Video Credits: SMTOWN

‘No.1’ by BoA – ‘No.1’ is that song which makes you feel that recognition that you rightly deserve. Whenever I hear BoA say “You’re still my No.1”, my eyes well up with tears and it just makes me feel so good about myself. This song is irreplaceable and will always remain iconic.

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‘Sing Me’ by Day6 – Even though I want to mention their whole discography, ‘Sing Me’ from their second mini album Daydream has always been my favourite. The lyrics, the emotions, the harmony and the vibe of the whole song are everything that can make my mood a hundred times better. I love it, especially the part where all 5 members sing together.

Video Credits: Day6

‘Eight’ by IU (feat. Suga of BTS) – This masterpiece is written by IU and Suga, and the only thing I feel when I hear it is peace. The best time to listen to ‘Eight’ is when the metro is speeding along in the morning sun and you feel its rays on your face through the doors or the window. That’s when I feel most at peace.

Video Credits: 1theK

‘Sleepless Night’ by SHINee – The melody and harmony that this song provides is absolutely phenomenal. It’s impossible for me to listen to this with a straight face because I’ll be ugly singing along (have to suppress doing that in the metro). The piano melody is what makes the song so special and so SHINee and will leave you in a calmer state when you finish listening to it. Let’s all thank Changmin (TVXQ) for writing this piece of poetry.

Video Credits: Mnet K-POP

‘My oh My’ by Apink – This song is all about filling each other’s light with all forms of support. The melody and their harmony leaves you feeling so light that you feel like a fairy after some listens. And yes, you definitely feel the immense support. (P.S.: I love Naeun’s high ending verse)

Video Credits: Apink

‘Paper Heart’ by f(x) – ‘Paper Heart’ from Red Light is that song that will keep you happy. It doesn’t have any complex instrumentals or anything of that kind, but is one of the most simplest tracks which never fails to relax you.

Video Credits: f(x)

‘Like Water’ by Wendy (Red Velvet) – Spotify knows how much this masterpiece is on repeat. It’s my dream that if I ever meet Wendy, I’ll tell her how this song of hers saved my life and keeps doing so. The last line with her honey-like voice which goes, “다 괜찮을 거야” (Everything will be fine) always takes my anxiety away. Thank you, Wendy.

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‘Star Blossom’ by Doyoung (NCT) and Sejeong (Gugudan) – An SM STATION collaboration between the most beautiful pair of voices always make my metro rides peaceful. The harmony is so calming that you hardly feel the commute. If I’m ever in an irritable mood while going to work, one listen to ‘Star Blossom’ make all the blues go away.

Video Credits: SMTOWN

‘Breathe’ by Lee Hi – Written and composed by Jonghyun (SHINee) and his high school band, WE FREAKY, Lee Hi gives her powerful vocals to this song which is no less than a therapy session. Do you want be comforted? Do you want to feel acknowledged for all the hard work? Do you want to sleep well after a hard day? Then ‘Breathe’ is the song for you. “정말 수고했어요.”

Video Credits: OfficialLEEHI

Special shoutout to ‘Into the New World’ by Girls’ Generation, ‘Rising Sun’ by TVXQ, ‘Thank You’ by Infinite, ‘Don’t Go’ by EXO, and ‘Wind Flower’ by Mamamoo.

Usually, my anxieties are highest during travel. To cope with it, I found these lovely tracks that help me soothe my mind. I hope that these songs give you all some comfort as they do to me. Do let me know what songs bring you comfort and keep you company while travelling in the comments below.

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  1. Tirna says:

    I relate to this article on a high level since I also turn to music to keep my anxieties at bay. There are times people overwhelm me and I grow restless. This article truly hits a chord with me. ❤❤❤

  2. Mamoni says:

    Thanks for sharing🥰✨

  3. mondalmoumita031 says:

    Music is my healing therapy.i can live without food but I can’t live without listening music when I feel down ,music gives me that happiness that inner peace which nothing else can ❤

  4. Sunanda ghosh says:

    Music is my healing machine… Whenever I travel music is must… I always prepare my playlist before I go anywhere… Nd Kpop songs are must…. Most of the songs r in my playlist already bt few r missing so I will surely add them…

  5. Sonali Singh says:

    Thank you for sharing your playlist

  6. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    Eight by IU and Lee hi’s 한숨 is my favorite ~😍 Thank you for sharing the Playlist… I am going to listen all of these song~💖

  7. DJ says:

    Music is my therapy ,music is one of important part in my life ,thank you for sharing your playslist💜💜..

  8. Thank you for sharing such beautiful songs🥺♥️ My favourite among these is eight💕

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kpop songs are love

  10. unnati bilwal says:

    I really love all of these songs🥺 especially No.1 by Boa and Don’t go by Exo. Don’t go is one of my most favourite songs🥺❤️

  11. Your recommendations😭🤚 The Bestest of the best!!!

  12. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Music has the power to heal and bring peace…loved your recommendations for a time when you are feeling nervous and jittery.

  13. I’m in love with this playlist.

  14. anishanath says:

    Thank you for this playlist, I love all this songs

  15. Jubby Kumar says:

    Thanks for the playlist 😊 I am going to add some songs in my playlist

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