Benefits of Learning Korean Language

Vidushi Sharma, New Delhi

Learning a language brings a lot of opportunities, it helps us understand the culture and traditions of the country more acutely and also bestows us with other benefits. As we know currently Hallyu Wave is on a rise in India and learning the Korean language will pave the way for a lot of possibilities. So let us see the benefits of learning the Korean language.

Hallyu Wave

Every country has been taken over by the Hallyu Wave during this pandemic more than ever. So, to understand K-Dramas, K-Variety shows and also your favourite band’s song; it will add as a bonus if you know the Korean language hence you won’t have to rely on subtitles anymore and can focus on the show or the song solely. Hangeul which represents the Korean alphabets is easy to learn and you can find many resources online which will help you learn the language.

Career Opportunities in Korean Companies in India

As we know how the strong bilateral economic relationship between India and South Korea is growing. While many Korean companies are operating here in India, learning Korean will be fruitful for you if you want to apply to any Korean company based out in India. And also, it will be an added plus point in your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Major Korean companies like Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics are always on the lookout for candidates and if you have the Korean language as a skill in your CV it would be of great benefit to you.

Translator and Interpreter Job

The best job as a language learner is to be a translator or an interpreter for a company or a freelancer. This job pays you well and also if you are a freelancer, you can decide your working hours and be flexible. You can be asked to translate Korean to English or vice-versa or in your regional language or vice-versa. You can find these jobs easily on portals which list jobs to freelancers as translators and interpreters are always in high demand.

Korean Teaching Jobs

There are many institutes, schools, colleges, universities, and educational centres in India that teach the Korean language. As there is a lot of scarcity of Korean language teachers, learning the language will be advantageous for you. According to The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), Korean has been introduced as 3rd language which will be taught to students in school. So, learning Korean will be beneficial for you if you are passionate about teaching. NEP 2020 is supposed to be implemented soon so start learning as promptly as possible to increase your chances to get a good job at a reputed school.

Career Opportunities in Indian Companies

Many Indian companies expanded their branches in Korea, and they are always on the lookout for Korean language experts to fill various positions in their offices. So, all in all, if you can speak, read and write Korean very well; it will be an advantage on your side and also having a language learning point in your Curriculum Vitae will give you an edge over others. Some Indian companies like Wipro Technologies, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) and L&T Infotech are functioning in Korea and looking for talented people most of the time.

Career Opportunities in Tourism and Travel Industry

Job in the Tourism industry is challenging as well as fun. You get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. Many Korean tourists come to India every year and if you can speak Korean well, you can get a job at any tourism agency. You can work with them and can also help Korean tourists to visit Indian attractions and make them understand the culture and traditions more vividly.

So, in conclusion Learning Korean Language will be a huge benefit to you both personally and professionally. It can bring you a lot of benefits in your career. It will also help you understand South Korea better while embracing its culture and traditions well. And if you are interested in learning Korean, start now as it’s the best time while the Hallyu wave is on a rise and also a lot of opportunities are waiting for you with the building relationship between both countries. Here is a list of some institutes’ websites that teach the Korean language in India.

KCCI Delhi-

Imphal Sejong Hakdang-

Patna Sejong Hakdang-

Chennai Sejong Hakdang-

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