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What will you do when the dreams you see while you were sleeping start happening in your real-life?!

“While you were sleeping” is a Romantic-Comedy, Fantasy, Legal, Thriller genre K-drama aired in the second half of 2017 with star-studded casts and cameo. “I believe you, because of who I am… I can believe in you”, the first dialogue of the drama about a road accident increases our curiosity. It is a story that revolves around three common people from different fields, who have a superstitious power to see the future of other people in their dreams.

Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) is a reporter who is currently unemployed because of a terrible dream she dreamt of. Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) is the new neighbour of Hong-joo and a rookie prosecutor who started to dream suddenly about her, and protects her from a huge accident. He also unknowingly protects Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in) a dedicated cop, who started to dream about him after this incident. Each of them had their own past story of their childhood linked with each other that becomes the reason for their dreams. These three people become close to each other and try their best to prevent their dreams (which could cause loss for the people) from happening in reality. How an unfortunate incident will be able to create a bond between people, these three will prove to be an example for that. Their trust and support for each other is unbreakable. Watching them help each other in hard times and celebrate together if something good happens is a treat for us.

In search of gold, I found Jung Hae-in…this was my first K-drama where the second lead syndrome hit me hard. He was so damn perfect in his role and I fell for him where he kept his one-sided love as wallpaper. His body fitness, his honesty and his change of career where he accepts everything was just awesome. Loved the way where the first and second leads did not make an awkward love triangle by fighting each other for a girl instead became close friends.

Lee Jong-suk’s prosecutor character is one of the finest characters he has done so far. He flawlessly acted as a caring brother, a human lie detector, portrayed from being a clumsy rookie prosecutor to a pro-prosecutor who can go to any length for saving a victim. He seems to be natural where he acted all cute to a child in a courtroom to prove the innocence. From being a cute, handsome, jealous boyfriend to a protective boyfriend he showed the maturity of his character. Suzy was all cute and she delivered the real hardship of being a reporter. From suffering from her dreams to achieving her dream goal she showed courage. Being a caring daughter, annoying girlfriend, pro in her job, kind-hearted person who helps everyone, fighting with the owner for the missing piece in her order; Suzy showed us different sides of Hong-joo’s personality. Both the leads aced their roles.

The chemistry between the hot prosecutor and the femme fatal was strong and lovely. Their cute romance and interactions were natural and adorable. The way he treated her in the beginning and getting annoyed by her, being embarrassed in her dreams, he doesn’t even know where he fell for her. Suzy spends her time admiring, annoying, and fangirling him everywhere. She took care of him, believed and supported him more than anyone.

Lee Yoo-bum’s character was  scary and villainous, Lee Sang-yeob portrayed it very well. As the dramahas a lot of characters (prosecutors & reporters), every supporting character portrayed realistically and the storyline connects every character and gives them an individual story. I became a fangirl of Shin Jae-ha for being a responsible younger sibling of the lead, does all the house chore works and acting cute in front of his girlfriend (Kim So-hyun). I busted into laughter when Suzy and Kim So-hyun had their verbal fight. All the character of the colleagues of both male and female lead were cast perfectly. Their love and support towards each other and their commitment to their profession and their colleagues were appreciable and most importantly the prayer of the prosecutors before their lunch also gives us a lesson. The cast of the cameos is an unexpected part of the drama.

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The direction was great as there were no confusions about the present and the future timelines of events. The cinematography of the locations was at high-notch. The background music was amazing and “It’s you” by Henry Lau and “Because I love you boy” by Bae Suzy became one of my favourite OSTs. This phenomenal drama taught me to accept everything whatever happens in life and live the to the fullest.

Video Credits: SMTOWN

Hope you all enjoy watching this drama and have good dreams too.

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  1. A great show with lovable main characters working together like a dream team to twist fate into happier endings. Lee Jun-suk was absolutely adorable as an outwardly righteous and brave prosecutor and inwardly a cute, scared, messy child. The main actress did a fine job for her role, she was quirky and strong. I loved the scarf scene a bit too much – so much sass!!! Highly recommend 10/10

  2. My favourite kdrama <3 I always recommend it to people who wants to start watching kdramas…. well written!!

  3. Sunanda ghosh says:

    I’m in love with thz drama…. What a drama… Full of twist nd turn nd super handsome 2nd lead

  4. mondalmoumita031 says:

    One of my favourite drama.i really like the storyline and each and everyone did a great job. A must watch drama♥️

  5. Mamoni says:

    One of my favourite dramas💕 thanks for the article❤

  6. Tirna says:

    Wonderful drama.❤

  7. Jubby Kumar says:

    Well written. It’s one of my favourite K-dramas 😍

  8. DJ says:


  9. AYUSHI VERMA says:

    Loved this drama 💜🦋

  10. Much recommended drama to fantasy lovers!😍😍

  11. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Though I have not watched it yet..It has been in my wishlist for so long..but the cast : Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy and Jung Hae-in are to die for. 💜💜😍😍

  12. anishanath says:

    I watched this drama twice because of its beautiful and very rare storyline. I really loved watching the drama and this article will lead people to watch it.

  13. I can’t express in words how much i love this drama! It made me get to know about amazing actors such as Jung Hae in and Shin Jae ha. Storyline is good plus OSTs are on fire! A must watch indeed.

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