K-Song Review: If You Do by GOT7

Riya Rawat, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The song “If you do” by GOT7 produced under the JYP label was released on 28th September 2015. If you follow GOT7, this song will make you appreciate their wholesome journey from 2015 to 2022. The members have changed completely in terms of their styling including makeup, hair, costumes, and the music video acting and voices. Currently, it holds 217 million views on YouTube.

The song narrates a story of a lover boy, trapped in a manipulative and unhealthy relationship where efforts are only made by the boy. It beautifully shows how the girl manipulates the boy with her tears and always points out the shortcomings of her lover, never realising her own mistakes. Frustrated and saddened by this, members of GOT7 portray the story in aesthetic settings filled with vibrant colours and funky shots.

The music video kicks off with little drum beats and dark alleys, depicting frustration and the darkness within the lover boy. In the first verse, member Jinyoung appears to be remembering his lover in a painting room where he has made glorifying portraits of her. Wearing a grey tuxedo, Jinyoung makes the Ahgases (Igot7) believe that he is being wronged by her. He claims that his love is never wrong and that tears are her only weapon and asks her why is it always his fault and never hers.

In 2nd verse, Jackson with his dark eyes and silver blond hair is seen trying to box out his disappointment in his lover. He raps in his deep and serenading voice claiming how he fell in love, kneeled, and bowed to every single desire of her but even then he couldn’t make her happy. The English part of the song was sung by Bambam while dancing in sync with all the other members. Bambam performs heavenly with a leopard print top and spiky hair giving him a completely funky look.

The chorus is sung by JayB in a graffiti t-shirt. He has a fierce look in his eyes depicting that the time has come when he should take authority from his lover. In the choreography, there are some sharp and strong actions depicting the level of frustration in the members. The chorus makes us sees the hook step by all the members which has gained a lot of recreation on Tiktock and Instagram. It’s a rolling finger action in the air while moonwalking like Michael Jackson. Each member performs the choreography with an astonishing level of energy and cleanness, each move making Ahgases fall for them even more.

Yugyeom and Mark perform their own paragraphs with a lot of enthusiasm and spirit and they further narrate the story that every time the lover boy makes a mistake, the girl gives an ultimatum to leave him, which hurts him because he loves his girl a lot.

Near the end of the song, everything is in chaos. Each member reaches their limits and gets so frustrated that they start throwing and tearing things up. The video shows Jackson boxing very harshly, throwing punches here and there. Jinyoung destroys all the portraits he ever made of his lover. Young-jae seen spray painting, destroying car mirrors depicting ultimate limit of tolerance and how this relationship has turned into a hell hole. Their actions and expressions are bang on, making the Ahgases feel the pain that they are going through. Fierce and bold look, that’s how GOT7 got stealing the hearts of Ahgase’s all around the world with this music video.

A song that is so different than all the previous work done by GOT7, every shot of the video depicts the mood of the character i.e. turmoil and insanity. The music video cuts through 2 completely opposite styling genres. One is of tuxedo, blazers, and simple colours depicting the life of a lover boy with his girl and the other is Funky, vibrant almost street rap style of the west, depicting the frustrated mind of the lover boy. The beautifully conceptualised video has made a roaring impact in the K-Pop world.

Video Credits: JYP Entertainment

It’s astonishing to see how GOT7 has improved in terms of styling throughout these 7 years from 2015-2022. From boys wearing dark colossal coal, and funky dyed spiky hair to men wearing cool-down tones with simple colours in the music video, each and every member looks as chiseled as they can in 2022.

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