K-pop Themed Café in Guwahati, India: Kalita Café

Eshani Bora, Guwahati, Assam

When we think of going to a café to have a full-on K-pop experience in Guwahati, most people think of Kalita Café, located on the ground floor of Shoolin Grand Hotel in Rukmini Gaon, Guwahati, Assam. From walls dedicated to “Cherry Bomb” neon wall lights to pictures of many popular K-pop groups and idols and music played from BTS to SHINee, the café makes a K-pop fan feels at home. Established in 2018, the idea of a K-pop-themed restaurant came from the owner’s daughter, who is a fan of the world-famous boy group BTS.

Ambience and Pricing

The café is known among many K-pop fans and has a well-suited arrangement for family lunches and dinners. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines, from Korean to Continental. The Korean dishes range from starters such as Kalguksu to the main course, Dak Galbi. While enjoying the ambience of the café, customers can jam along to their favourite groups and enjoy the mouthwatering dishes. The price range for two people ranges from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1200.

Dining Experience

To relish the Korean food offered by the café, we ordered Kalguksu Chicken Soup first. It was a great starter to have on a rainy day. The sweetness and sourness of the soup and the deliciously cooked noodles hit you in the right spot.

After that, we ordered the Vegetarian Gimbap, which consisted of rice, cucumber, carrot, and other finely sliced vegetables. It was a perfect bite-sized starter.

For the main course, we ordered Dak Galbi which was a filling dish consisting of sticky rice and fried gravy chicken garnished with white sesame seeds. We also ordered a Continental dish, Baked Chicken with Spaghetti, which was also wholesome.

There are other dishes worth trying, such as Spicy Korean, which consists of sausages mixed with spicy sriracha sauce and other dry spices; Dak Gomtang Soup, which is Korean chicken soup; Cheese Buldak, which is fried chicken with cheese; etc. They also serve other popular Korean dishes such as Eomuk (Korean fish cake), Bimbim Guksu (Korean spicy cold noodles), Kalguksu (handmade Korean noodles), etc.

Overall Review

Overall, the experience at the Kalita Café was exciting. The ambience and the friendly and approachable staff made the experience more memorable. After visiting the café, I’m already planning to visit again. If you want to enjoy a K-pop-themed lunch or an evening meet-up with your fellow K-enthusiast friends, do visit Kalita Café. Tell us about your favourite Korean restaurants in your city in the comment section!

Would you like to try any of these Korean dishes? Or if have already tried any of these dishes, share your experience with us in the comments!

All Picture Credits: Eshani Bora, Hallyuism Team

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  1. Moumita Mondal says:

    Me and my friend went to the King’s Bakery , one of the famous K-food places in Kolkata last sunday and the ambiance was so peaceful . It was well decorated and we cold hear the Kpop songs also. One can get different types of Korean Cuisine and also the bakery items. We ordered Gimbap, Kimchi fried rice , Spicy ramyeon and iced chocolate there .all the items was so good . Even there’s a mart called seelamart from where we bought some different ramyeon and Korean snacks also . Overall it was a great experience . Also thanks for sharing your experience too♥️

  2. Woww all these dishes look so delicious!😍 This cafe also looks soo pretty 🥺♥️♥️ It’s been so long since I’ve visited any korean restaurant🥺

  3. Mamoni says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience ❤ recently I went to King’s Bekary Newtown branch with my brother. We ordered kimbap, tteokbokki, kimchi fried rice and chocolate shake. It was my 1st time experiencing the authentic Korean food🤭. Kimbap has really unique taste which I often used to in a good way. The nice chewy texture of the rice cakes with spiciness in Tteokbokki is beyond my expectations and the sour and spicy flavour of kimchi fried rice is everything. after that we shop some ramyeon and snacks from Seela Mart . Over all its a great experience😌❤

  4. Would love to try the dishes mentioned here. Thankyou for sharing your amazing experience

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