K-Event Review: Crazy for K-Culture Concert at JLN Stadium, New Delhi

Sabitri Manna (Kolkata, West Bengal) and Sonia Singh (Delhi)

On 25th August, Korean Cultural Centre India along with KOFICE (Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange) organised the K-Concert “Crazy for K-Culture” hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Embassy of the Republic of Korea at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, to celebrate the 50 years of diplomatic relations between India and South Korea. The Chief Guests comprised of Yu Byung-chae (Deputy Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism), Chang Jae-bok (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India), with honored guests who represented the Indian government; Shri Nitesh Kumar Mishra (Joint Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports), Shri Sunil (Additional Director General of Global Outreach at Prasar Bharti). Special performances by the celebrated Indian Singer, Neeti Mohan, K-Pop Idol Group MustB, B-Boying group HEUNG, and Indian Dance Cover group, Girl Crush also took place.

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

Two members of Hallyuism team were also among the audience who got to attend and experience this culture and entertainment-packed event firsthand. Take a look at their experience:

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

Ms. Sabitri’s Experience

After coming to Delhi, this was the first concert that I’ve attended, and KCCI met my expectations regarding arrangements completely as the members were helpful and polite and the event was organised really well. All the performances were good and energetic. The Korean Traditional dance was superb!!! The event vibes that started from being calm and chill turned 360 degrees and became more energetic and powerful when Neeti Mohan entered the stage. It was my first time seeing a singer this close. She introduced herself in Korean and sang one of the most famous OSTs “Stay with Me” from iconic K-Drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God was just wow!!! I also remember at that time everyone was like How’s the Josh? And it was Too High!!!

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

Anyone can tell that she had put a lot of effort into learning since this was something very new for her. Never had I thought that I could get a chance to see a Korean Boy Band up close. And I am talking about MustB who had previously come to India 4 years ago to perform. They were super cute and had good chemistry among the members especially when they tried very hard to communicate with us and also made us dance and sing with them. Ahh last but not least Naatu Naatu was really cute and fun and their performance on RUSH was fabulous. Overall I’m very excited to attend an event like that again!!!

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

Ms. Sonia Singh’s Experience

The event was overall fantastic. I love all the shows and the environment was superb and all the staff were really helpful. All the groups and artists that performed that day were amazing. The Korean Traditional Dance was wonderful as well. I never saw that kind of dance before. Our very own Indian Group GIRL CRUSH was just wow. How finely they covered the famous K-Pop songs and how their dance moves were killer. MustB’s performance on RUSH was stunning and their Naatu Naatu performance was adorable and overall we had so much fun.

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

All the members of MustB were good-hearted in the way they spoke and made us all feel. They are the first boy band I became a fan of after BTS. Last but not least, our Neeti Mohan! She is a superb artist. She sang beautifully and her Korean accents left us in awe. OMO! When she started singing Stay with me, everyone just went crazy. When she sang, we all sang and danced too. This was the first Korean event that I have attended, and now I am waiting for another event. My experience was amazing.

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

Concluding Remarks

The venue was fully packed in the 2000-seats capacity auditorium and every moment of this event served as pivotal step in strengthening the cultural and diplomatic ties between the two nations. The performances of the events and the congratulatory messages from the chief guests were a prime example of amalgamating the cultures of both nations together. We look forward to having more such events in India!

Picture Credits: Korean Cultural Centre India

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  19. Sabitri Manna says:

    Thank you so much hallyuism for this opportunity!!! Never thought that my experience would be published ☺️

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