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LATTE PAPA is a professional barista who owns two cafés named “With Us, Travel” in Jeju City in South Korea and will soon be opening a cafe in Dubai. He is also a café vlog creator on YouTube, where he posts content related to the making process of appetizing tasty beverages, waffles, and brunch. His real name is Mr. Cho Hyun-tae and the name of his YouTube channel is LATTE PAPA. In one of his QnA videos, he said that he called himself the dad of his cute pet dog LATTE, which is also a very common beverage name. The name LATTE PAPA was given by his wife Kelly. In another video, he said that he was 25 when he first started the Café, and the start-up cost was 60 million won, so the interior of the café was entirely designed by himself. At Hallyuism, we had an opportunity to conduct an interview with Latte Papa where he shared the experience of being a Barista, café vlog creator and about his personal life in South Korea. Read ahead:

Picture Credits: Latte Papa Instagram @latte.papa_family

Please give a brief introduction of yourself to our readers.

안녕하세요. 한국에서 작은 카페를 운영하고 있고, 카페 브이로그 유튜브 크리에이터 로 활동하고 있는 LATTE PAPA입니다.

Translated- Hello, This is LATTE PAPA who runs a small café in Korea and works as a café vlog YouTube creator.

Picture Credits: 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA

What inspired you to open your café in Jeju? What do you offer in your café?

아내의 고향이 제주도이기 때문에 제주도에서 카페를 시작했다. 우리 카페는 브런치, 커피, 와플을 제공한다.

Translated- Since my wife’s hometown is Jeju Island, I started a café in Jeju Island. Our café serves brunch, coffee, and waffles.

From your vlogs, we have seen you are a really skilled Barista. How did you learn the art of preparing various types of coffee?

나는 커피를 호주에서 배웠습니다.

Translated- I learned to make coffee in Australia.

Video Credits: 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA

You make a lot of vlogs related to your café and coffee-making processes. What inspired you to open up a YouTube Channel? Also which video is your favorite that you shared?

카페를 운영하면서 찾아와 주시는 손님들에게 우리의 음료 제조과정을 보여주고 싶어.

서 유튜브를 시작했습니다. 내가 가장 좋아하는 나의 영상은 채널 구독자가 처음으로 나의 카페를 방문한 영상을 제일 좋아한다.

Translated- We want to show our beverage-making processes to customers who come to us while running a café so, I started a YouTube channel. My favorite video is a video of a channel subscriber visiting my café for the first time. 

How did you and your wife Kelly meet? Would you like to share with us this story?

아내인 켈리는 호주에서 유학 생활 중 만났다. 가난했던 유학생 시절에 서로 의지가 되 어주었고, 그렇게 우리는 연인이 되어 9년간 교제를 하였고, 2년 전에 우리는 결혼을 하 였다.

Translated- My wife, Kelly and I met while studying abroad in Australia. We supported each other when we were poor international students, then we became lovers and dated for 9 years, and we got married two years ago.

Picture Credits: Latte Papa Instagram @latte.papa_family

We often see your pets Latte and Pepper appear in your vlogs. Tell us some fun facts about them.

후추를 입양을 하면서, 라떼가 매우 성숙해졌다. 그 둘은 매일 싸우면서도 항상 붙어있다.

Translated- With the adoption of Pepper, Latte became very mature. Even though they fight every day, they are always together. 

How do you manage running the café and making videos for your YouTube at the same time? What are some of the challenges you faced?

사실 어려울 건 없다. 나는 그저 주문이 들어온 음료를 만들면서 카메라의 영상 녹화 버 튼만 눌렀을 뿐이다. 다만 영상을 편집하는 시간이 조금 모자라다.

Translated- Actually, there is nothing difficult. I simply pressed the video record button on the camera while making the ordered drink. However, I do not have enough time to edit the video.

Video Credits: 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA

Since your café is located in Jeju City. Please share with us your experience living in Jeju. What do you like the most about living in Jeju City?

제주도에서 살면서 제일 좋은 점은 산과, 바다가 너무나도 아름답다. 그만큼 다양한 레 저 스포츠를 즐길 수 있어서 좋다.

Translated- The best thing about living on Jeju Island is that the mountains and sea are so beautiful. It is nice to be able to enjoy various leisure sports.  

Video Credits: 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA

Which beverages and dishes would you definitely recommend us to try at your café?

우리 카페의 메뉴 중에 아이스 트래블, 에그인 헬이 제일 맛있는 거 같다.

Translated- Among our café’s menu, Ice Travel and Egg in hell seem to be the most delicious.

Video Credits: 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA

Since the pandemic, there have been many businesses that are badly affected by it. We saw one vlog where you said no customers visited due to the pandemic. How did it affect you and how did you deal with this?

코로나 바이러스 대유행 이후 매출이 심각하게 감소를 하였다. 우리는 그것을 극복하 기 위해서 배달 서비스를 시작을 하였고, 현재는 정상적인 매출이 발생하고 있다.

Translated- After the coronavirus pandemic, sales have fallen severely. To overcome that we started a delivery service, and now we are generating normal sales. 

Video Credits: 라떼파파_LATTE PAPA

Apart from running the café, and making content on YouTube, what other activities do you enjoy?

나는 라떼와 산책을 가거나, 자동차를 이용한 캠핑을 가고는 한다.

Translated- I go for a walk with Latte or go camping by car. 

For tourists, which places or activities would you definitely recommend in Jeju as well as in South Korea being a native?

우선 한국에 방문을 한다는 것 자체만으로 정말 좋은 경험이 될 것이다. 한국은 그 자체 만으로도 정말 재미있는 나라인 거 같다. 지루할 틈이 없을 것이다. 많은 것들 중 추천 을 하고 싶은 것은 다양하고 맛있는 음식을 체험해 보길 바란다.

Translated- First of all, just visiting Korea will be a really good experience. Korea seems to be a really interesting country in itself. There will be no room for boredom. Among the many things, I would like to recommend that you try a variety of delicious food. 

As you are a professional Barista and café owner, you must have tried and tasted a lot of beverages. Have you ever tasted any Indian beverages such as Indian masala tea (Chai)? If yes, how was your experience? If not, which Indian beverage would you like to try?

나는 차이 라떼를 정말 좋아한다. 그것은 호주에서 처음으로 경험을 했었고, 정말 맛있 었다. 그렇지 않아도 나는 차이 라떼를 우리 카페에서 판매할 예정이다.

Translated- I really like the chai latte. It was my first experience in Australia and it was really delicious. If not, I will be selling chai latte at our café. 

Please share your experience of how do you feel when your subscribers visit your café as a customer. Any message you want to convey to LAFAM?

요즘은 많은 LAFAM 이 카페를 방문해 주고 있다. 그들의 방문은 항상 나를 즐 겁게 만들어주고, 더욱더 열심히 일을 할 수 있게 도와준다. 사랑합니다 LAFAM

Translated- Many LAFAMs are visiting the café these days. Their visits always make me happy and help me to work even harder. I love you LAFAM. 

Please share with us what videos you are planning to share in the future. Is there anything you want to create vlogs about that you have not yet tried to make?

나는 앞으로도 계속 카페 브이로그 영상을 제작할 것이며, 항상 새로운 음료에 도전을 할 것이다. 그리고 켈리와 라떼, 후추 이렇게 우리 가족을 담은 영상도 제작해 보고 싶 다. 앞으로의 나의 미래를 상상해 보면 정말 짜릿한 일들이 가득할 거 같습니다.

Translated- I will continue to make café vlogs in the future, and I will always try new drinks. Also, I want to make a video about my family like Kelly, Latte, and Pepper. When I imagine my future, it seems like it will be full of exciting things.  

Thank you so much for your valuable time on behalf of our entire team! Best Wishes to Latte Papa for all his future endeavours! Share your thoughts about this interview in the comments!

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