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Many beverages are consumed all over the world, however, the most consumed beverage is ‘Tea.’ You can drink this beverage at any time of the day to refresh yourself from a hectic or dull day!! One thing good about Tea is, it can be served hot and as well as cold according to one’s preference! Did you know that tea is mostly consumed by Asian countries, South Korea is one of the countries where you will get one of the best types of Tea available. Well, being that said if you are a Korean Culture Geek and a Tea Lover then this article is definitely for you!! Without wasting more time, let’s dive into the best Tea Brand in South Korea and the types of Tea that you get within this Brand!!

Originating from the lands of Jeju Island, this tea has its brand name called “O’sulloc.” Cultivated from the fine soil on Jeju-do, this tea has various types of flavors produced to suit everyone’s taste buds. O’sulloc Tea is the most popular and trending beverage in the whole of South Korea, as everyone can visit the Tea museum, select their type of tea flavor and enjoy their cup of tea while enjoying the view of Jeju Island!!

The O’sulloc Premium Tea Collection

This is one of the finest and premium quality tea collections worth trying!! You get 7 types of tea pouches within this collection, which are as follows:

I. Pure Green Tea
II. Samdayeon Rich Tea
III. Samdayeon Yeonggyul Tea
IV. Canola Flower & Honey Tea
V. Camellia Flower Tea
VI. Orchid Flower Tea
VII. Tropical Black Tea and Samdayeon Honey Pear Tea.

These are one of the best souvenirs to gift to your closed ones!!

O’sulloc Loose Tea Leaf

What’s better than having a cup of tea with naturally blended ingredients such as loose tea leaves!! If you prefer handmade tea then this collection is for you. This Tea Collection includes the following:

  1. O’sulloc Tangerine Tea
  2. O’sulloc  Moon Walk Tea
  3. O’sulloc Sejak Tea
  4. O’sulloc Dried Cedar Oriental Tea
  5. Fruity Best 5
  6. Cherry Blossom
  7. Volcanic Rock Tea

O’sulloc Wedding Green Tea

This is one of the special collections by the O’sulloc brand and is the most popular and best seller of all time. This type of tea collection is commonly used as a gift to a bride on her wedding day which is where it got its name!! It is a bridal bouquet turned into a floral cup. Which is luxuriously packed in a paper box. It has a combination of aromatic floral scents that fills the mouth, followed by the sweet scent of fruits. Every sip delivers the clean flavor of rich green tea that lingers in the mouth.

O’sulloc Green Tea Powder

Change is the only constant in this world and which is why O’sulloc tried to change the trend of having a particular rhythm of preparing and supplying tea to all around the world. Most of us do get tried when it comes to prepare tea and most of us do not have efficient time to make one hence O’sulloc has come up with a idea of tea powder which can be made instantly with perfection!! This powdered tea can be mixed and served well with hot or cold milk, choice is yours!!

O’sulloc Tea Spreads

Did you know you can now serve your tea on bread!? Yes, you heard correctly, on bread!! I know it might sound awkward but not until you taste the O’sulloc Tea Spreads! The two most popular tea spread that you can add to your collection are the;

Roasted Tea Spread – Roasted with nutty and classy flavors, a thick density that conveys the attractive combination of deep and weighty sweetness together with nutty flavors, strong roasted tea. Milk spread delivers the rich scent of roasted tea and soft sweetness!!

Matcha Tea Spread – Smooth and silky texture with rich taste of matcha tea, that has the right density to evenly spread it on the bread. This milk tea spread is all you want to have for your breakfast!!

With these large variety of premium tea collection one can definitely not resist themselves from having them on your closet in the kitchen!!! Why not try one!?

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